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Cold and wet night but Susan made it out.

Well it is still cold and wet and almost the end of May, what is up with this weather. Now I know I really have nothing to complain about considering the weather that the central part of our country is having. So many tornadoes and so many deaths, that my heart goes out to them. We have been having severe weather all over the place from a really cold and snowy winter to flooding and now tornadoes I guess I can put up with the weather we are having here in the Pacific Northwest.

Well it has been a super busy week for me that I haven’t even had time to think about Susan much less get her out. Which I guess is better than thinking about going out and not being able to. I have worked or rather my male side has worked 11 days straight now so I could get this weekend off, well at least Saturday and Sunday. Susan is so looking forward to it as she has plans both Friday and Saturday.

Tonight though I did make it out and as I did not know I could make it tonight till about noon today it was a last minute outing but still better than not being able to go out. Well I of course came to Starbuck’s for a little relaxing and work on my computer. Now I could have just as easy done this at home but I find I have fewer distractions here at Starbucks and so I actually can get more done. Plus just sitting at home is not nearly as much fun as being out.

The Starbuck’s I go to pretty much once a week is really great all the girls that work there know me well Susan and they know what I want so I don’t even really have to order. They were a little busy tonight but I was able to get a table close to the front where I could people watch as I work on my computer. It really is nice and glancing around no one even seems to pay any attention to me. I know I don’t fully pass but I seem to be accepted and that is really a great feeling.

Friday I will be out with my wonderful friends again at the P-Club. After missing last Friday I am so ready for it. Our Friday nights are once again becoming the biggest night out for our group. When you think about it, it is kind of strange. Our group, the Rose_City_T-Girls has 2 big nights out. Friday and Wednesday and then several of the girls get out on Sunday and even a few on Tuesday lately. You would think that Saturday night would be the big night but really nothing goes on that night. Fridays at the P-Club is so awesome as there is so much to do and everyone has a great time plus most of the regulars like us there so it is a really friendly place to go.

Saturday evening I have a BBQ to go to. Now there will be a few T-girls there but most of the guest’s will be non gender gifted (not sure how to word this so this will have to do). Rachel who is holding the BBQ is totally awesome and loves us T-Girls, she comes out a couple times a year and knows a few of us really well so she invited us to her BBQ. I am really looking forward to it as it will be nice to mingle and chat with all her friends. It is cool as she sent the invitation out on Facebook so I can see those who have accepted and several of them are T-Girl friends of mine. I really hope the weather is good or at least not cold and wet as that would mess up my hair and makeup. Strange as a guy I would stand in the rain and be totally fine but Susan worries about how she looks.

Well must get back to work but I will post again more this weekend about the P-0Club and the BBQ and hopefully have some pictures.

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