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Friday night B-Day party at the P-Club

Well it was another fun Friday night out with friends at the P-Club. Two of our members have Birthdays this week so we celebrated them Friday with a party, yes on Friday the 13th. Roxy and Cassandra, Cassandra is the one who started our little group which now has 203 members in 3 ½ years. Anyway we had a great turnout Friday night again maybe 25 from our group were there and we all had a great time. Peggy, Cassandra’s wife brought cake for the big event and we all sang Happy Birthday to them and just had a really good time. Cassandra on left and Roxy on right in picture.

The P-Club was really busy Friday night again so we had a good chance to mingle with the rest of the customers which is always fun. I was thinking about it and we have been going to the P-Club about a year now and I can’t remember any negative reactions to us being there, everyone I have talked with seems okay with us being there or even enjoys us there. Now I am sure there have been and they didn’t say anything to us, they either just left or said something to the staff but from how crowded they were last night.

Most of us had dinner and then we cut the cake Peggy brought and I am sure almost everyone had a piece or two, I was good and only had one as I am still trying to watch what I eat. One of the other girls had way more will power than I did and was able to pass up the cake. She is doing so well eating right and exercising, you go girl. It really is hard to do and we are all so proud of her.

After dinner Melissa and I played partners against Maya and Vivien in shuffle board. Melissa and I won but it was a close game, at one point I had all 4 of my pucks counting, one on the 3 point, one on the 2 point and the other 2 were just 1 point each but we were looking at getting 7 point and Maya only had one shot left so I was sure we would get something. Well she knocked off my 2 and 3 point and left hers on the table to get 2 points so we got nothing that round. It really was a good shot that I didn’t think was possible. It was a really good game. Well cameras were out so I got a picture with Melissa.

I got a chance to talk with Yin (cute name and one I should be able to remember), she just joined our group and has only been out a couple time with us now. We actually split dinner as I really am trying to cut down on what I eat plus we knew there was cake to eat also. It was nice to chat with her and get to know her better, she is really nice and I look forward to seeing her out with the group a lot more.

We also had another new girl Stacy there, I think this was her first time out and she was a little nervous but she looked great very nicely dressed and very passable. I talked with her several times over the evening and she is so nice. She is very soft spoken and even talking to her I think you would have a hard time telling. It was great meeting her and I hope to get to talk to her some more next time she is out with the group.

Later on two customers came over to our group, Adam and Jennifer and asked if they could join us. They even brought a picture of beer for the group which was nice but not needed. They spent about 20 minutes talking to us; they had just met that night at the P-club. Adam asked me to take a picture of them with his phone and then asked to have a picture with me and you know I can’t turn down a photo opportunity.

The highlight of the night came close to closing when another guy name Gabe came over and told me the he and his girlfriend thought I looked just lovely and they just wanted to tell me, how nice is that and such a bust for ones ego. As I have said it seems that most of the people at the P-Club like our group and enjoy us being there. It would be so nice if everyone was this open to girls like us. I really think the more we interact with the general public the more they will see us as no different than them.

It was a really good night and we all had so much fun. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Friday night and close out a week than with your best friends. This week will be busy for me but I hope to get to Starbucks maybe Thursday night but not sure about next Friday. I need Saturday the 28 off so may have to work Friday night to make this happen.

Have a great week.

Big Happy Birthday to Cassandra & Roxy.


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