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Rose City T-girls GG night at P-Club

Well as usual it was Friday night and Susan was going out with her friends. We go to the P-Club every Friday night and last week Cassandra had the idea to have a GG (genetic girl) night, our group has over 200 members now and probably 20 to 25 are wives, girlfriends or just women we have met who like us and joined the group. The thought was to get as many of them there and also invite others that we may know who don’t belong to the group. I thought this was a great idea and although the only GG’s I know are members of the group as I have kept Susan and my male side separate it was nice to make a special invitation to them and let them know we appreciate their support of us.

Well I got there a little after 7:30 and there were only a couple others there so I wondered if we would have that great of a turnout, well it wasn’t long and I stopped wondering as members started to show up. We had a great turnout. I tried to count a couple times as did Cassandra and Cristine but as we had so many at about 7 different tables, at the bar, playing pool, shuffle board and dancing none of us could get a good count our best guess is between 40 & 45.

Well we started off with dinner which I was ready for as I had not had lunch. And all sat and talked for a bit. After that Maya and I played partners in shuffle board and we did well, we won 3 games before losing and we only lost by 2 so it was a close game.

Now came the hard part as we had so many people there I really wanted to make sure I met everyone and got a chance to talk to everyone there, the problem was with so many it really made for short conversations. There were several new people and maybe 6 to 8 more I have not met before which is always nice. The problem is remembering names, not only who is who but just remembering the name. I really like to think it is my blonde hair and not my age as Susan still feels young. Well I will not even try to use the names as I would get them mixed up or even wrong.

There were lots of pictures but I put my purse with my camera on the floor under one of the middle tables against the wall, which is a really safe place as it is very hard to get to with all the people we had there. The only problem was even I couldn’t get to it that easy so I of course have no pictures and will have to wait for the ones others took to be posted to our group.

Peggy was there which is nice as she is working again which is great but makes it harder for her to get out with the group so we had a chance to talk which I so enjoy. she will be out again next week as we are doing a party for Cassandra who has a birthday on May 16 and she is having a party for her, Peggy is Cassandra’s wife and so supportive of all of us.

Alice came up from Salem which was great as she does not get out that much and it is such a long drive especially going home after a fun night out. It was nice to see her again and talk with her. Alice is the first T-Girl I met that I still have contact with; we were at Embers several years ago when we met Cassandra and joined the Rose_City_T-Girls group. It really is strange to think about it that way. If I had not met Alice on Line and we had not arranged to meet that night at Embers for dinner and to talk we would have never met Cassandra, joined the group or met all these wonderful people.

Mellissa was there and brought her friend Heather who she also brought to Cassandra’s Halloween party. Mellissa is so fun and so supportive of us T-girls. Her and Heather played Maya and me in Shuffle board, one of the games we won but we had a fun time. Mellissa sometimes joins me at Starbucks when my night out coincides with a night she has free. As much as I enjoy going to Starbucks by myself and playing on my computer it is so much nicer to have someone else there to chat with, kind of a girl’s night out.

There was also a couple that showed up and they were so nice. They have only been dating for 4 weeks and he just came out to her last week he liked to crossdress. She was totally cool with it and thought they should go out. Didn’t hear how they found out about our group and where we would be but they made it there. Had a chance to talk with them briefly and we invited them to join the group sand told them we come to the P-Club every Friday night so I hope to see them out again and get to know them a little better.

It is strange as our group has grown so fast I think we have lost a little of the personal touch which is good and bad at the same time. We definitely have a wonderful and active group and I would say we get more T-Girls out on a regular basis than in any other city around. As I said earlier with so many you are spread so thin. I think back a few years when we had maybe 5 to 7 of us out we could all sit at one table and talk between all of us. Maybe we should have a few smaller events with just a handful of girls that way we really have a chance to talk and spend time with each other but then on the other hand that might create smaller groups within the group. It is hard to say which is better. I know that I feel more comfortable with the people I know better and tend to go to that group, human nature but then you really don’t get to know the others in your own group. Something I am very aware of as I am very shy so I tend to stay to myself or those I know so I am making a really effort to try to talk to everyone and overcome this. It is strange though as Susan I really am more outgoing and not as shy as my male self and I think this group has really helped me on this. That old saying “I want to be like Mike” (basketball, Michael Jordan) well I want to be like Cassandra as she can go up and talk with anyone, anytime, anyplace and make you feel totally at ease. I am getting better and do go up to people more and talk to them but still very hard for me.

Well as I said we had a great turnout and most stayed really late, even Chris who was there till almost 1 am which is really late for him. I think when we left at almost 2 am we still had about 10 of us there. Jennifer who had gotten a ride there with someone else needed a ride home so I volunteered. It was nice to have the chance to talk with her a little more; she is one of the girls who is really planning on going to Diva Las Vegas next year. Well with that I got home about 2:45 am so it was another late night but so much fun.

I hope to see all of you out again and have more time to talk with each of you as you are all so special to me. Have a great week.

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