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Big group for Friday night at the P-Club.

Well it was another awesome night out for Susan after missing last week with my friends I was so ready for Friday night. I had looked forward to it all week. I was running late from work so didn’t hit the shower till 5:45 but that was okay, even if I was late getting out I was still going out. Turns out things went so smooth getting ready I was out the door by 7 pm, I didn’t feel rushed like normal when I am running late so I guess all the practice I have got over the last few years doing my makeup has just made me a little faster.

I got to the P-Club about 7:20 and found a spot to park. Inside I found Cassandra, Jenifer and Norma were already there so I joined them. Cassandra didn’t think we would have a very big group so we didn’t grab the tables next to us which turned out was a mistake because about 15 minutes later a big group of woman came in and took the other 3 tables by where we were. More of our group started to show up so we had to take some of the tables down by the bar which split up the group a little as the P-Club was really busy, busier than I have seen them in a long time which was good. Good for them and their business and also us as we had more of a chance to interact with the customers.

Cassandra and I played partners in Shuffle board against Jan & Lynn. We jumped off to a huge lead but then Jan & Lynn came back to challenge us. In the end we won but not by as big a margin as we thought we would.

After the game we went over to eat and as we were short on tables I asked a couple of the ladies at the next table if I could share their table while I ate. They said sure but I had to share my food with them which I offered to do as I really didn’t need that much. They were of course joking but I was not as I tend to clean my plate even if I am full. I guess I did listen to my parents growing up when they said clean your plate. Well I did leave some of the tater tots as I really am trying to eat healthier and not as much. Cassandra joined me and we started talking to a couple of the women. They were pretty cool with us and we had a good time.

Some of the group played pool and some played shuffle board and some were dancing but most just sat and talked. We had such a big turnout and as we were so spread out it was impossible to get a count but would guess 25 of us there maybe a few more. There were a couple girls there I have never met before and several I have only met once or twice so it was great to meet and see them again. It would be so cool to get some of the girls who never come out or rarely come out to start coming out more regular.

Later on several girls came up and talked with us and wanted to get pictures with us and you know me (and most T-girls) we love our pictures being taken. There were so many cameras and picture being taken it was so much fun. This was the best one I had on my camera so I thought I would include it in my post.

Well I must go but hope to make it to Starbucks either Wednesday or Thursday this week and of course next Friday with my friends.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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