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Wet and cold night at Starbuck’s

Well I can tell I am back in the Pacific Northwest as it is a cold and wet night. I am out at my local Starbuck’s and although it is fun and relaxing it is sure nothing like the time I spent in Las Vegas last week. It is strange to think how fast that week went. Two weeks ago tonight I got my nails done before coming here the night before I left for Diva Las Vegas. The excitement that I felt that night knowing I would spend the next 10 days living as Susan was amazing. Looking back on the trip it was such a good time, some brief stats from the trip. I drove a little over 2,300 miles as Susan, Spent almost 11 full days & nights as Susan, Had acrylic nails for the same length of time, Checked into 3 different hotels on the trip as Susan. It truly was an amazing vacation.

When I changed back to my male self on Monday it was strange the way it felt. First were not having the nails. It actually took me a little getting used to not having nails which I guess is normal as it took me a day or so to get use to having them. Not having the jewelry and long hair around my face but probably the biggest thing was the shoes. All of Susan’s shoes are so light and all open as my male shoes are much heavier. It is really amazing the differences between the sexes. Although the trip is over the memories will last a life time and I have next year to look forward to.

Well back to the here and now, Starbuck’s is not really that busy tonight as I think the heavy rain kept people home tonight. But even with that there are still some people coming in so I can do a little people watching which is always fun. I will probably stop on my way home and do a little shopping as there are things I need and I put off shopping so I could do it tonight as Susan really likes to shop even if only for groceries. Tomorrow our group will be out at the P-Club so I of course will be out. It will be good to see all my friends and have a fun night out.

Well I guess it is a short blog tonight. All my pictures from the trip are on both my Facebook and Yahoo page.


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