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Friday of Diva Las Vegas 2011, final day

Well I got up a little later today and got all ready. I really hadn’t planned on doing anything till I met some of the girls at the Paris for lunch. I was all ready to go by 11:30 and didn’t need to be to the Paris till 1 so instead of just sitting in my room I went down and checked out the casino, they were already getting busy being a Friday but I did find one blackjack table with an open seat that was only $5 so I sat down and played. At noon they changed it to $10 and the pit boss said that we would all have to play $10 even though we had sat down when it was $5. Well I was slightly up and didn’t want to play that much so I decided to go check out the Paris before lunch, actually everyone at the table left so I don’t think this helped them as they had other $10 tables with seats open so really they just chased off the 5 of us that were playing.

I drove to the Paris and with the traffic I probably could have walked it faster, since I have never been there before as far as parking I decided to do the Valet parking. This was really nice as I got out right in front and did not have a long walk in. it is a very pretty casino inside. I ran into Pam the wife of Tess and we chatted for a few minutes, while she waited for Tess to come down from the room. I was trying to locate the buffet as that was where we were meeting. Joan and Beverly showed up just a couple minutes later and the three of us headed for the Buffet.

There was really no line for the Buffet which was nice. I think we had 12 of us there for lunch. The buffet was really good, a lot better than the one at the Imperial Palace. We had a very enjoyable lunch filled with good conversation. It was nice to get a chance to talk with the other girls and learn a little about them.

After lunch most of us walked out together as we all valet parked. Out front it was so nice and the sun was shining I got a couple more pictures with some of the girls; the first is Julie, Valorie and me. They were such a nice couple and very friendly. The second picture is Joan, Valorie and me. I have met Joan at several other events but first time I got a picture with her. Joan lives here in Las Vegas and walked all the way to the Paris so I gave her a ride home.

I had a few hours to kill before the farewell dinner so I decided to drive down to the Sahara where we stayed last year as they are closing it down on May 16. It will be sad to see it close as it is one of the remaining old hotel casinos on the strip. I am sure it will get torn down and a new hotel casino will go in there once the economy gets better. They have close all there restaurants but one and even taken out some slot machines. It is really sad; I played a little blackjack and talked to the dealer about what was happening. When I lost $20 I figured that was enough. This has not been a good trip for gambling as the dealers have all been really hot but still fun.

For dinner we had our farewell dinner at the Bahama Breeze. They opened up their gazebo room for our group. The staff was wonderful. Our waitress Autumn, what a cute name was just great. She said the staff that was working requested to work tonight for our dinner, as a matter of fact she was having a bad day and said if it was not for our group she would have called in sick but knew she would have a good night with us, how cool is that. So of course I just had to get a picture with her. There were so many pictures taken and I even took a bunch which I posted on my Facebook page.

After dinner most of the group was going to the Paris to a club for dancing. Now I don’t dance and had my 4″heel on but didn’t want the night to end. The girls said if I valet parked the club was just inside the door to the left so I went, well the main valet parking was full so I went to the back. So I had to walk down a long hall and down to the shopping promenade and then all the way through that and across the casino to the club in my short black dress and 4″ heel but since I was already there I did. There were probably 40 of us there. The music was good and I was glad to sit down for a while to rest my feet.

Well after a while and some arm twisting I was out on the dance floor for a little while. I had a good time but that did my feet in. I was almost tempted to take my heels off for the long walk back to my car but I knew I would never put them back on plus it was fun to walk through the casino and shopping area in heels even though the floor was smooth. I got to the escalator to the walkway to the garage and the up side was not working so I had to walk up two flights of stair. I got back to my hotel about 1:30 which is way later then I wanted as I have to be up early to start my drive home tomorrow. Well off to bed now. Thanks for reading and you can see all of my pictures on my Facebook page also on my yahoo profile.


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  1. Hi Susan

    I have been really busy while you have been away, and am working now on a Saturday, so while I have read and enjoyed all your blogs I haven’t commented much.

    Just wanted to say it was really fun to read them. I enjoyed your golf, good score 88!! Wish I could plays in skirts! And your blackjack but way too much for me. And all your meals and meeting everyone.

    I look forward to finding the time to look through all your photos.

    I guess you are already looking forward to next year!!

    Hugs Tina x


    Comment by TinaCortina | April 9, 2011 | Reply

    • It was such a fun trip and went by so fast. Yes playing golf in a skirt was so fun. You really need to try it. Diva Las Vegas is really a fun time to bad you are so far away as I am sure you would love it. All the people I met were just so awesome and yes I am already looking forward to next year.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | April 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. I just love that cute outfit that you wore to lunch! You really put together a terrific collection of clothes for your vacation. I’m sure your bags must have been stuffed to the gills. Yet if you’re anything like me you still have an outfit or two that you just didn’t get a chance to wear.

    Walking in heels is such a rich experience for us girls. The click-clack as you walk down a nice tile floor just announces the presence of a beautiful woman and the sound alone makes you feel just that special. Thats just the auditory experience. We all know how the sensation and posture enhances not only your appearance but also your psych. Unfortunately the feet pay the price. No doubt your wearing comfortable shoes for your long drive. They deserve a break.

    I am so happy to hear that you had a wonderful time. I hope to see you there next year.

    Comment by Kelly Raeva | April 9, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks I only wore about 60%v of what I took and that was with changing outfits twice and a=on a couple day 3 times. So much fun and such a girl thing. As a guy I would never worry about changing clothes just because I had already been seen in something that day.
      My feet are so soar from all the walking I did in my heels last night but wouldn’t change it for the world, such a fun thing to do. As for my shoes today they are more comfortable then the ones I had on last night but still small heel and cute.
      I hope you can make it next year also would be great to see you again

      Comment by susanmiller64 | April 9, 2011 | Reply

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