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Wednesday of Diva Las Vegas 2011

Well I was up early today as I had to be at the golf course (Desert Rose) by 8 am. This is the same course we played last year. They treat us so well and the price is very good, $48 each and we even got lunch.

Well right from the start I knew it would be a better game than last year as the wind was not that bad but it was a little on the cool side till about noon as we had cloud cover all day. We all warmed up on the driving range also included in price and as my nails are a little shorter this year I could get a good grip on the club. Now I have not played sense last year so didn’t expect much. The foursome I was in was Karen, Cammie, Valorie and myself. We had a total of 21 this year.

I started off with a par and then a triple bogy as I lost a ball (the only one of the day) in the water on hole 2. On the third hole a par 3 I put but tee off shot about 2 feet from the cup, it turns out this was the hole with the closest to the pin flag which I ended up winning. I also got a birdie on this hole. Tonya the beverage cart lady came around and I bought some snacks as I did not get breakfast. She remembered me from last year and told me to tell Cassandra she checked out her YouTube golf video she did as we put Tonya in part of it. The day went well and we all had a good time. My score was very consistent as I shot a 44 on the front and a 44 on the back for a total of 88, now under the rules we were playing under if your ball went in the water if your foursome thought it was the water had an unfair advantage you could drop without the penalty stroke so I did use that on the one hole so really my score should have been a 89. This is still really good for me as I am happy if I can get on the low 90’s and playing with long nails, jewelry and my boobs which through my swing off a little I am very happy. The best thing is I played the whole round with one tee, never lost it or broke it till the very last tee shot when it snapped in too.

After wards we went in and had lunch and did prized, I got one for the closets to the pin and took lots of pictures. Which I have included here. It was such a fun day.

When I got back to the hotel I had about an hour and a half before I had to get ready for dinner so I went to the blackjack tables, the ones where the dealer’s impersonate celebrities as I these are the really fun tables to play at. I bought in and gave them my players card the one with my male name on. There was a different pit boss tonight and she looked at the card and then looked at me and then put me in and then came over to me and told me this was not my card. I smiled and said yes it was and she took a closer look at me and apologized for the mistake. I told her it was fin and I really didn’t mind.

Now I had the same outfit from golf my white skirt and pink top which I wore because I can use my trick to make it look like I have cleavage. The guy next to me looked at my face several time but was constantly looking down my top. I really think he was confused as my voice and face said male but my chest said female. Every time I caught him looking I just smiled and he quickly turned his eye back to the game. Well the first dealer Adam Lambert (all I know are the celebrities they impersonate) cleaned me out of my $40 down to my last chip when Shakira came over to deal so he could perform which was good for me as I played almost an hour more and walked away with $65. Pretty good and had a fun time. For dinner I went to Milano’s and there were about 15 girls there.

I got back to my hotel with just enough time to change. I brought my red dress that is low cut and I thought the Diva’s show would be a good place to wear it. It was a little different walking through the casino in a dress like this as it is an attention getter. We had about 30 of us going to the show and all had bought preferred seating which we found out late came with a free drink and a souvenir plastic cup. Before the show we took lots of pictures and some of the people waiting took our pictures. I think they thought we were part of the show. Once inside I had several women come up and want pictures with me, I guess the dress paid off. I was only too happy to have my picture taken of course I also wanted pictures with them and they all agreed. The show was great and afterwards I even got a picture with Frank Marino the star of the show plus he also took a group picture with us. You can see all the pictures from the golf tournament and the Frank Marino Diva’s show on my Face Book page or photos of Diva Las Vegas.

After the show I decided to do a play a little blackjack before going back to my room, mainly I just wanted to be in the casino in my dress a little while longer. All they had were $ 10 tables which is a little more than I like but I figured why not give it a try. I was up for a while then they changed dealers and things went down so when I got back to my buy in so I moved to a different table and lost 4 hands in a row so again moved to another table and pushed a couple before losing what I had started with so I called it a night and came upstairs. So now just a quick blog update and then off to bed. Thanks for reading.

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