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Tuesday of Diva Las Vegas 2011

Well today I slept in as I stayed up way to late last night. I think it was after 10 when I finally got up. I was trying to figure out what to do so decided to go to one of the events I hadn’t signed up for (signup was not required), it was called lunch with Ginger. I was taking my time getting ready when I noticed it was almost 12:30 and it started at 1 so I quickly looked at where it was, the Hilton and sense it is right next door to my hotel casino I was okay. I left my room at 12:45 and made it to the Hilton by 12:45 but as I walked in it hit me, this was the Flamingo Hilton and I suddenly realized it was a good chance it was the Las Vegas Hilton which is a few miles away and I knew I would never make it so I checked the buffet just to make sure and I was right they were not here. Well by the time I would have got back to my hotel got to my car and drove there I would have missed almost all of it so I decided to just skip it and head back to my hotel.

On the way I stopped into a small casino called Oshea’s casino, they had a small food court with some fast food places so I got a chicken teriyaki rice bowl. On my way out I stopped and played a little black jack and ended up playing almost 2 hours before my $40 was gone. So now it was back to my hotel by the way all this between casinos was walking on Las Vegas Boulevard with all the other people in the sun shine and it was so nice out. I walked by the black jack tables and they had they had some open seats at a $5 one Shakira one of the dealers I had so much fun playing with so I sat down and she remembered me. I played about an hour till 4 and then went upstairs to my room to touch up my makeup before heading out for dinner.

Dinner was at the Firefly on Paradise, Happy hour from 5 to 6 with dinner from 6 to 7:30. It was a nice time and about 25 girls were there. Part of happy hour they gave us all sample plates of some of their food one of which was bacon wrapped cooked date with an almond inside, oh so good. For dinner I had their Herb roasted chicken which was also very good. After wards everyone brought out their cameras and pictures were taken. These are the girls at my table in this picture. I wanted to use my Susan credit card so sense everyone was paying cash I collected the money and then just put the whole bill on my card, need to work on Susan’s signature though.

From here most everyone was going to the Erotic Heritage Museum so I went along. They kept the museum open for two hours just for the Diva’s group as a private party. All they asked was a $10 donation as they are a nonprofit group. The girls who worked there were so awesome, I even got a picture with a couple of them. The one on the right in the hat gave a tour and talked about all of the exhibits. In all a fun time.

I left here and went back to the hotel to update my blog and go to bed earlier then I have been as I have to be up by 6 to be to the golf course by 8. On my way through the casino at one of the black jack tables was Dolly Parton as the dealer so of course I had to sit down and play even though it was a $10 table. I played maybe an hour and was way up and then cam 3 hands in a row where I had an 11 and the dealers up card was a 6 or less. I doubled on each had and the highest card I got was a 7 and the dealer did not go bust once; I lost all three $60 just like that. I was still up $30 so I quit and came up to my room to quickly do my blog and then to bad.

Tomorrow will be so fun as I have golf in the morning than dinner and then the Diva’s show here at the Imperial Palace. Thanks for reading.


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