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Saturday Morning in Reno as Susan

Well I got to bed late last night as I went to a small casino down the street; think it was called the Rail. It is a small casino and I think mostly locals go there. They had a lot of $3 Blackjack tables so I found a seat and sat down. Talked with some of the other players but no one seemed to care how I was dressed, it never once came up. The dealers and cocktail waitress all referred to me as Miss. I played from 9 till almost midnight.

This morning I got up and did my makeup. I have a dark wine color outlast lipstick from Cover Girl that I brought and as I am wearing black pants with a burgundy top I thought it might go with it so I put it on and it does look nice but I think it is a little too much for day time so I went to remove it and discovered I forgot my Baby Oil so turns out I can’t get it off till I get to the store and pick some up, looks like I forgot something. So I guess I will be wearing it the good part is sense it stays on so well I will not have to touch up my lipstick today.

Well I came down to get some breakfast and thought as long as I was eating at Starbuck’s why not bring my computer along and do a quick update. Today I plan on doing some shopping as there are a few things I would like to pick up before Diva Las Vegas and sense I was so busy the last few weeks and didn’t get to go shopping this is perfect. I also think I might drive up to Lake Tahoe as it has been many years sense I was last up there.

Well I am done with breakfast and must be off. I am so looking forward to this week. Thanks for reading.


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  1. As a part-time girl I tend to most of my dressing while away on business trips so I tend to pack my things in a hury and there is never enough room for half of what I’d like to bring with me. Things are either outright forgotten or just don’t make the cut.

    Ive always been leary of the long lasting lipsticks for fears that I wouldn’t be able to completely remove it when need be. I think you handled the situation wonderfully. My biggest problem seems to be nail polish remover. I try to pack those individual remover pads as I never have room for bottles especially when flying. Ive had a few times where i was so focused on fitting in that extra pair of shoes that i fogot to check my stock of remover pads– until the night is over and my makeup is mostly removed and I need to think of plan B.

    Comment by Kelly Raeva | April 4, 2011 | Reply

    • I agree about the long wearing lipstick as I tried on that actually stained my lips red and you could tell for the next day, luckily I tried it on the weekend so I just stayed home. Outlast is a little different as it just bonds to your lip and comes right off with baby oil so it is the only long wear lipstick I use.
      As for the nail polish remover I can totally relate. Many years ago I had done my nails with red; I had dressed up at home for the evening. At bed time washed off the makeup but left the nail polish on till morning. Got up showered and got ready for work and went into the other bathroom to remove my nail polish at the last minute and found out when I had tossed my towel on the counter I had knocked over the remover into the sink and had not put the lid on tight so the bottle was empty. I was in a panic but had no choice but to stop at store on way to work and get remover. Now I am really careful.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | April 5, 2011 | Reply

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