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P-Club with friends before Diva Las Vegas

Well as normal I was out with my friends at the P-Club Friday night. I got there a by 7:30 and there were already a couple girls there. It wasn’t long and others started to show up and soon we had about 15 to 20 from our group there. It is always so nice to see so many out and I think that is what is so great about our group “Rose_City_T-Girls”.

We all had dinner and enjoyed some nice girl talk. After we ate Melissa and I played as partners at shuffle board. We played a couple games and won them both. Some of the girls were also playing pool. The P-Club really does have a lot for us to do, pool, shuffle board, ping pong and dancing.

Besides our group this week the P-Club was really busy which was nice to see. After last week this was nice as it shows our group is not affecting business. Throughout the evening several of the regulars came over and talked with us plus Cassandra also went up and started conversations with a couple of GG’s there. Cassandra is so good at this as she makes it look so easy, This is something I need to work on as I really would love to be able to just walk up to a complete stranger and strike up a conversation.

The night went by so fast and soon it was 2 am and time to leave. It was such a fun night and hard to believe that I will not be out with my friends for 3 weeks as the next 2 Fridays I will be gone on my way to and from Diva Las Vegas.

Diva Las Vegas starts in just 8 days (April 3) and I will leave for my trip down this coming Friday. I get my nails done Thursday night and from that time till I get home (April 1 to 11) living full time as Susan. The time in Las Vegas will be easy but the trip down and back will be a little harder but I am determined to do the whole trip as Susan just like last year. It is strange as I have been really looking forward to this sense last year and now it is almost here. There is still time to register to attend (closes March 30) if you want to go.

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