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3 weeks to Diva Las Vegas and counting.

Well it has been a really busy couple of weeks for my male side so it has been almost 2 weeks sense Susan has been out. It seems so long and I was ready for a little time at Starbucks. It is so amazing how just going that short of time makes you really think about it. Well enough of that.

Diva Las Vegas is only a little over 3 weeks away, they sent out the activities signup sheet last week and I have signed up for several events especially the ones I really wanted including golf and the Diva’s show at the Imperial Palace both of which I did last year and had so much fun.
I also signed up for the opening and closing get together and a couple dinners. I will go back through the list this weekend and see what else as I will be going by myself this year I will do a lot more with the group. Their last e-mail did not mention any update on how many have registered but I am guessing there will be at least 200 this year as a few weeks ago they were already at 175.

I still have some things to do before I leave, new pair of shoes and maybe a couple new outfits and of course getting my nails done. I plan on setting up an appointment tomorrow to get them acrylic’s on Thursday night before I leave. I hope I can get an appointment Nails by Lily as I have gone there many times and always been treated great. I look forward all year long to getting my nails done and even though it will make it hard to golf, cant grip the clubs tight the nails are more important to me. Having beautiful long acrylic nails for 11 days is so worth it. I am not sure what color I will get but pretty sure it will be some shade of red as that is my favorite color.

As of now my plans are to leave Friday morning and spend 2 nights in Reno before going on to Las Vegas and yes I plan on doing the whole trip again as Susan which is a little more nerve racking this year as I will be on my own till I get to Las Vegas and also on the trip home. In any case it will be a fun trip and I can hardly wait.

Well I am out tonight at Starbucks and when I first got here they were really busy. I had to take a table on the side wall in the corner as it was the only table open and one of the few that you can’t plug a computer in at. Luckily another table opened where I could plug my computer in so I moved and it was a good thing as all the tables are full again and my computer battery would not have lasted the 2 hours I would be here. There are 6 other people here on their computers and a steady stream of people coming in which surprised me as I really thought it would be a slow quiet night here as I thought most would be out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It is fine with me as I like to people watch when I am out.

Tomorrow night (Friday) our group will again be at the P-club and I will be there. I think missing last Friday night I noticed more than my night out at Starbuck’s as I did not get to see all my good friends. It is really amazing the friendships I have made as Susan, the girls in the group are some of my best friends and I think that is the biggest reason I so look forward to my Friday nights out. It is so great we have such a great group of T-Girls here in the Portland Vancouver area. 2 years ago Cassandra told me how great it would be if we could someday get the group to 100 girls and I was just looking in the group and we have 197. It is so hard to believe how fast this group has grown. A few years back I would never have believed there were that many T-girls around here let alone those who would go out. Cassandra has done a great job with this group; I really hope she knows how much all of us appreciate it. It has given us all such a great support network that I think without it most would still be in the closet or at the very least not going out nearly as much as we do.

Well I have e-mails to get to so I will close here. I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day. I will again post this weekend about Friday night and I will have my computer with me the whole time I am at Diva Las Vegas so I will be updating my blog every day while I am gone. If you have ever thought about going please check out their web page at You can register to attend till March 31 I believe so there is still time.

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