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Fun Friday night out with friends

I want to stop for a moment and say how important good friends are. One of our members of our group was hospitalized Thursday and when that happens one always thinks about family and friends and loved ones. I think sometimes we get so use to others being there and then when something happens it catches you off guard. All our thoughts and prayers are with Jan and we hope she makes a fast recovery. Jan’s wife came out with us last night because she didn’t want to be alone which just shows how close our group here in Portland is, we are really more like a family and care about each other. We may not always say how much someone means to us and that is sad as you never know what will happen in the future. I hope you all know how special you all are to me.

Well as I said it was a fun night out, what else can you expect when you are out with really good friends. We had a really good turnout again, over 20 t-girls which is just awesome that we get so many out especially when you think that the group goes out and Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and Wednesday is the biggest followed by Friday. We really do have an active group of girls here and I think that is what makes our group so successful.

We started off with dinner and conversation which I always enjoy, getting to know each other better and a little more about them I think is really important. It is so funny as a guy I am not really into just sitting around and talking but as Susan I love it, just another difference between the 2 sides of me.

Later on Wilma and I played as partners in shuffle board and we did really good. We won 4 games in a row beating Cassandra’s and her partner twice. That is when you know you played well as Cassandra is so competitive in everything she does. In game 5 we were ahead and only needed 1 point to win and the other team needed 3. I had 3 of my pucks in play for a total of 5 points (one 3 and the other two 1 each). On Michele’s last roll she got hers down and knocked 2 of mine off including the 3 and left hers right on the 3 point mark to win it was a really awesome shot and what a way to end the game. Some of the girls played pool while others danced. In all it was a fun night.

Wilma had her chess board so Jennifer and I played a game I was out in the lead so Cassandra took over for her. She said she could take over and win but I don’t think she really looked at the board before she said that because I was way out in the lead. In the end I won. Cassandra and I played another game. I made a good showing but in the end I lost. I made a couple bad moves but even if I hadn’t I probably still would have lost but it was a lot of fun. Anyway we stayed till closing and then all left for home. I think we still had 9 of us there what a great time.

Well here is another plug for Diva Las Vegas. They will start their sign up for events this coming week so if you have not made your plans to attend now is the time. You can actually register till the end of March but I think this year will be their biggest year yet.


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  1. Hi Susan

    It was great that Jan’s wife still came out with you. I hope she gets well soon. I used to play chess as a kid……. maybe we will have to try an online game sometime!

    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | March 8, 2011 | Reply

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