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Cold and icy night at Starbuck’s

Well I am out but it is a cold and icy night. The storm that was originally going to hit late tonight got here early and the temperature is already down to 31 and we are having snow and freezing rain mix. When I left home I had about a ¼ inch of snow on the ground. The good news is it should start to warm up around midnight so this should all be gone by the morning when I drive to work. I really thought about if I should go out tonight with the weather but as this will be my only chance this week till Friday and I really like my time here at Starbuck’s to catch up on things on my computer well you know what my decision was as I am here. The drive down was not bad just patches of ice but the way people were driving you would think it was a sunny day with dry pavement. Know I don’t mind driving in the snow and ice as I am really good at it but it is the other drivers that worry me as that is something you can’t predict and is out of your control. So the drive home in a couple hours could be a different story.

Any way Starbucks is really quiet only 5 others here and only a couple people have come in during the last 30 minutes to get drinks to go. I think the weather will keep a lot of people away so there won’t be a lot of people watching tonight which may also be good as it will give me a chance to get things I need to do done plus one of the girls (Melissa) from my group the Rose_City_T-Girls may show up around 8. It is always nice to have someone to chat with; of course it depends on the weather.

This week I will be out 2 more times, Friday night of course at the P-Club. Such a fun place. The employees and other customers are so great and treat us just wonderful. As far as I know there have not been any complaints about us being there so we are making it our every Friday night place to go. It really is nice as they have so much to do, pool, ping pong, dancing and my favorite shuffle board. They also have really good food so what more could we want?

Saturday a bunch of us are going to a roller derby game at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland. Last I heard we have about 22 going so should be a lot of fun. I can just see us all walking with all the other people. It should be so much fun. I will post about both of these this weekend.

Well Melissa just showed so I have to go. Have a great week.


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