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Last day of the year shopping trip

Well December 31 2010 is here and as the year comes to an end I went shopping this morning. I had hoped to get an earlier start but for some reason Susan takes longer in the morning to get ready then the evening. I started off by going to see if I could get a wig to replace the one I wear almost all the time. The blonde one in my profile pictures. I have been looking online and not able to find it so I went to Wells Wigs which is where I bought it 3 years ago. I got there about 11:00 and went in. Just as I was afraid of they do not make that style any more. The ladies there were really nice and I tried on several different wigs which was fun in itself. I did find one that I liked the style and looked good on me I thought and so did the ladies working there so I went ahead and bought it. A little more expensive then I planned and of course I wore it out putting my old wig in the box. It is longer than my other one and the lady there told me it would help keep the ends from frizzing if I kept it from rubbing on clothes so she recommended I buy a hair clip and when driving my car clip the hair up to keep it from rubbing between me and the seat. So of course that meant a trip to Rite Aid across the street. They were not busy at all so I was in and out pretty quick.

My next stop was Lloyd Center. On the way there driving in the sun I noticed the new wig is more blonde then my other one so I will have to get use to it. I got to Lloyd Center and parked by Sears and went in. my first stop was the shoe section and they had some of the cutest boots on sale for half off. I found 3 I really liked but the largest size was a 10 which I could get my foot in but not zip up the side, if only they had it in a 10 wide. From there I went to check out their closeout section but most of what they had was junior or petite sizes so I moved on to check out the rest of the store. I was surprised how busy the mall was on a Friday during the day. I went out into the mall and walked down to Torrid and looked around. Nothing really jumped out at me so I decided to head for home as I wanted to beat the traffic. I figured being a Friday and New Years Eve people would leave work early.

I had my computer with me in the car and as I was cold, open toed shoes and nylons do not keep your feet warm when it is below freezing out. I thought about stopping at Starbuck’s but as I have gone there the last two nights in a row I decided to try another one. There is one about 3 miles from the one I always go to and I have been there before. It is actually the first one I ever went to and had gone there a few times till they started to remodel it and were closing at 7 and as Susan is an evening girl most of the time I went to the other one and got to know the girls there and well you know the rest. Anyway I stopped in and they were pretty busy. This one has a drive through also so I was surprised to see how many people were inside during the day.

Any way I ordered my drink and was getting my computer set up when I heard someone call my name, not my male name but Susan. I turned around and it was Katie who worked at the one I go to all the time. Turns out they moved her to this one as the Assistant Manager. It was so cool to see her as I think the last time I saw her was back in July. She remembered my name and even complimented me on my new hair, how sweet is that. We talked for a few minutes and she told me I need to stop in at this one now. She works the day shifts so I guess if I want to go to Starbuck’s during the day this is the one I will have to come to. Anyway I got on line and Cassandra was also on line so we chatted for a while. They really want me to come out tonight even for just a couple hours so now I am thinking maybe I will. If I got home and in bed by 11 I could get maybe 5 hours of sleep before I have to get up and rush off to work. It would really make me tired tomorrow but for one night I think I could so yes I think I will go out tonight and see all my wonderful friends.

I wish you all a happy Safe New Year and may next year be better than this year. Be safe!

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