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Cold night before New Years

Well I did make it out tonight but later than I hoped. I was running late all day as I was really busy at work so I got home late and by the time Susan was ready it was too late to really go shopping and as it is really cold, about 29 right now something warm to drink sounded good so yes you all guessed it. I am back at Starbuck’s. 2 nights in a row but that is okay as I have some work I need to finish on my computer by tomorrow so just a quick post and then I must get busy. If I can finish it tonight I have all day free tomorrow (Friday) so I may just go shopping then. That would be a fun way to close out the year.

It is so hard to believe that the year ends tomorrow night, 2010 went by so fast and was such a great year. Susan had so much fun this past year and really gained her self confidence with the help of some really wonderful friends some of which I met this past year and some I have known longer. So as I close out the year I thought I would look back through some of my blogs and see what all Susan did and accomplished in 2010 after all that was why I started my blog so I would have a record of Susan. The biggest part of the year was all my awesome friends I have. Most of whom I met through the group I belong to (Rose_City_T-Girls). I joined the group in the summer of 2008 when there were only about 20 members. Funny I can remember Cassandra telling me “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get to 100 members someday” well the group grew faster than she ever thought and not only did we get to 100 members but we are well on our way to 200 as we have 186 to close out the year. And it really is a good group as most are active in the group and a good percentage go out on a regular basis. The Halloween party Cass and Peggy through we think had around 100 people at it. This group was such a good idea and I know I would not be where I am or the girl I am without it. The members are truly my best friends.

Diva Las Vegas last spring was so fun. It is funny as I have a blog post from several years ago I stumbled across where I talked about how I wanted to go to Las Vegas and go out one night and gamble as Susan. It was kind of a goal I guess. Well this past year I did that in a big way as I not only went there and went out as Susan, I did the whole trip from start to finish as Susan living 24/7 for 11 days. It was so much fun and something a year ago I would have never thought I would do. I went down with Cassandra & Peggy for the week stopping in LA on the way down and back for a night out there and we all had so much fun. The 3 of us are planning on going again this year and trying to talk a few of the other girls in the group into going. It truly was a vacation of a lifetime and Diva Las Vegas 2011 is only 3 months away, April 3 through 8 in case any of you reading my blog are thinking of going.

My weekly trips to Starbuck’s which really just started out as a way to see if I would have the courage to go out someplace by myself as Susan has turned into a weekly outing that I really miss on the weeks I could not get out. Instead of sitting at home doing things on my computer, work, e-mail, surfing the net and even updating my blog being out in public at Starbuck’s makes it so much more fun and although I do have my favorite Starbuck’s that I go to almost all the time I did manage to go to about 15 others over the last year and must say so far everyone has treated me very well so if you are looking for a place to go I would recommend finding a Starbuck’s.

I also made it out with all my friends almost every Friday night and we did go to some new places, some worked out and some didn’t but the experience was great. I think that is what makes life fun, trying new things and great friends. On Fridays no matter what is going on at work or life in general just knowing I will get to spend time with all my friends in the group puts a smile on my face all day. I hope they all know how special they all are to me. We have also had some fantastic parties this year, Super Bowl, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas and a few others that were really just parties to get together. Cassandra & Peggy and Also Kathy & Mandy hosted them at their homes which was so awesome. They just opened their homes to the group and in almost every case covered the whole cost of the party which was way beyond what they should have done. They are truly special people.

I also went out to the movies a couple times by myself which at the time was just about being out and again seeing if I would have the courage to go in. it was fun but I think going to the movies would be better with others. You really don’t see many people going by themselves. Might be something I could see if some of the girls from the group would like to do. Also this year Susan did a lot of shopping. Just being out was what was important, looking at clothes, makeup, shoes or even just doing my weekly grocery shopping. As Susan even the mundane daily stuff is more fun. It is so strange the difference between how men and woman shop. Even still as a guy I want to get in get what I need and leave but when I am Susan I like to look around even if I don’t plan on buying anything, Susan can wonder around a store and have fun doing it. I ended up increasing Susan’s wardrobe this year by quite a bit mostly because of my trip to Diva Las Vegas and I am planning on buying more clothes for this year’s trip to Diva Las Vegas which will give Susan an excuse to go shopping.

I have also made some friends online, girls I may never meet but still fun to chat with and e-mail back and forth. Some from Flickr, or my Facebook page or even my blog. It is strange the bond you can have with someone who shares the same things you do whether here in Portland, across the country or on the other side of the world. The internet really brings people together in a way a few years ago was not possible.

It truly has been the best year of Susan’s life so far and I am sad to see the year come to an end but I know that next year, 2011 will be even better. The friendships I have made will last a lifetime and as the years go by I am sure we will become even closer. I really consider the girls in the group more like family, Sister if you will. I think of all the fun times we will have together and it puts a smile on my face.

I want to thank all my great friends that I have met along the way as you are the reason Susan is who she is today, you are all awesome in your own way. I hope you all have a happy, safe and wonderful New Year and please take a moment to think about everything good in your life and the things that are wrong or bad put aside as the good is what counts. Friends and family not money or possessions. A person with good friends is rich beyond belief.
Happy New Years to all

Hugs to all of you


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