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Out at Starbucks

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s tonight. At first I thought I wouldn’t make it out at all this week but now it looks like I can also make it tomorrow night for a couple hours maybe. Not sure what I will do as going to Starbuck’s 2 nights in a row might be a little much of course I could try another Starbuck’s also. Any way I had a wonderful Christmas as most of my family came to town. It was really nice to see them all and spend time with them even though Susan had to hide as none of them know but as I don’t see some of them very often it was nice to just relax and talk with them plus there were some young, nephews and nieces and that makes Christmas so much more fun as little kids have such an excitement about Christmas. For me it was good as I got some nice gifts but the best part was a couple gift cards which now belong to Susan so she can go shopping for her Christmas present.

It was sad not being able to go out with my friends though last Friday and again this week I will have to miss as I have to work on Saturday morning, extra pay so really can’t pass it up. The group I belong to Rose_City_T_Girls are all planning on going to the P-club and they are making sure we have several designated drivers as there are several girls in the group that do not drink. I am so proud of all are girls as they are so responsible. They will be able to go out and have fun and party and still have a safe way home. Cassandra has made sure the last few years to arrange this before hand and has done an awesome job this year coordinating it again. I think she has 5 or 6 girls that have agreed to be designated drivers that cover any direction you need to go home that night. It really should be a fun night.

Starbucks is a little quiet tonight especially after last week when they were so busy with people getting last minutes Christmas presents. It may also be the fact they are forecasting possible snow showers tonight although they don’t think it will stick but it is cold out about 35. I really like the snow so much more than the rain so it is fine with me.

Well I will have to see what I can come up with to do tomorrow night, maybe I will just go shopping for a couple hours and then next week I will be able to get back to going out on Friday nights with my friends. I also may mix up my other night out. For so long it was every Wednesday but the last month or so I have been out on Tuesday and Thursday and it was kind of nice to break the routine and mix it up a little. Don’t like to be too predictable. But whatever I do it will end up in my blog.

I am starting to look forward to Diva Las Vegas as it is only 3 months away and I have my vacation time all set at work so I am going for sure again this year along with Cassandra and Peggy. We had such a fun time last year and I hope more of the girls from our group here in Portland can go. If you have ever thought about going out in public and having an awesome time you really should think about it. Check out their web page at They just sent out the registration for those who have been there before so I am now all registered.

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog and left comments. It looks like this will be my best month ever for readers as my blog has been viewed 1109 times so far this month with 2 more days and my old record was 1124. I never thought I would get more than a few readers each month.

Wow in the last 20 minutes Starbucks has really gotten busy and now all the tables are full. Seems strange to get here 30 minutes before they close.


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