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Friday night at the P-club

Well Friday night our group the Rose_City_T-Girls was meeting at the P-club (formerly called Portsmouth pizza and pub) on Lombard in Portland Oregon. We have been going here on and off on Fridays sense the summer and have so far had good experiences every time. one of the things I really like about the P-club is they have something for everyone, two pool tables, a ping pong table, shuffle board table, dancing and even some pinball machines which make it nice because when we have big groups there is still something for everyone to do and Friday night we had a huge group, probably the biggest I have seen out in a long time.

I got there at 7:30 and went in and they were not that busy which is nice because we can get tables by the pool tables so I sat down and it was only a matter of minutes before other girls started to show up. We immediately put two tables together for our group because we knew more were coming and we were right we added a third table and even that was not enough. Let see how well I do with remembering who all was there, Maya, Cristine, Michele, Brook, Cassandra, Chris, Bob, Mellissa, Catherine, Jamie, Sandy, Barb, Norma, Diane, and Amy. I know there was more but my mind is blank right now so sorry if I left your name out. It really was hard to keep track as we had more than could fit at our 3 tables and we were soon spread out across the club playing pool, ping pong and shuffle board. Yes this girl did play all three and in 4″heels, the ping pong was the hardest as you really can’t make fast moves in them.

Maya talked me into playing ping pong with her and she is really good at ping pong. We started off just hitting the ball back and forth for a while and then decided to play a game. The first game I did okay but ended up losing 21 to 13 so we played a second game and this game I came closer but still fell short 21 to 17 but it was a lot of fun. I know Maya took it easy on me which was nice and we had a fun time. Next I went down as it was my turn to play pool.

I played 4 games of pool won 3 in a row and then got to play Cassandra; she is probably our best pool player so she is the one everyone wants to beet. She can talk a really good game but can really back it up with her play. Anyway Chris and Cassandra made a bet who would win; I was the 2 to 1 underdog which is okay as I am not that good. I ended up losing but came close, we were both on the 8 ball and missed a couple times as neither of us wanted to leave a shot for the other if we missed. But it was a really good game.

After this I had to sit down for a while as my feet were sore from all the standing and moving around. This was nice as it gave me a chance to talk with some of the girls. Maya, Barb, Brook, Mellissa and I were at the one end of the table and we had a nice little conversation which I so enjoy. I really think just sitting around talking is so much fun and gives you a chance to really get to know others and what is going on in their lives. I really wish I had more time to talk with all the girls in the group but with such a big group doing so many things at once it is hard and I really don’t want to miss talking with any of my great friends. So if I missed talking to you please grab me the next time we are out so we can chat.

I got to talk just briefly with Jamie and Catherine when they came in but was playing pool at the time. It was great to chat with them both as I have met both before and they are so wonderful. I really hope they can come out some more with our group. Jamie brought her friend Sandy which was her first time out. It was really nice to meet her and did talk to her for a little bit. She seemed like she was having a really good time and I am sure she will be out again. Like I said we have such wonderful girls in this group.

Well it was time for shuffle board so several of us went up to play. We played teams and Diane and I were on the same team. We won the first game and lost the second game so we played a tie breaker and lost by 1 point. I did score two 5’s which is really hard because it is the corner of the board and almost impossible t5o get the puck to stop there. Now I must admit one of the 5’s was for the other team as I tried to knock one of theirs off and can you believe it, it stopped right on the corner. Mine landed on the 3 point but as the point always goes to the high score mine didn’t count so instead of my team getting three points we got nothing and the other team got 5, this was the game we lost by 1 point. I guess though I should count this as a win as I scored their points?

Any way by this time it was getting really late about 1:30 and our group was dwindling down. We were all getting tired and ready to call it a night and sure enough Cassandra found two cute GG’s to talk to, I don’t know how she does it but soon we were all over talking with them, after all who does not want to talk to cute girls even if they are half your age or more. Their names were Evie and Lisa and they were just wonderful. We sat and chatted with them for probably 30 minutes and told them all about us and our group. The thing they found most interesting was that some of our girls are married and that we are not all gay. I really think that is the common thought is that crossdressers are gay so it is so nice to be able to talk to them and explain about who we are. I really think once they understand who we are it helps remove any possible misunderstandings. It was a fun night and of course I had to get a picture with them. From left to right is Diane, Evie, Susan & Lisa. They were awesome to talk too.

Well by this time it was after 2 and they were closing up so we all paid our tabs, the bar tenders know most of us by name how cool is that and all headed for home. It was about 2:45 when I finally got home, what a fun and late night. Well tonight (Saturday) is our Christmas party and as I got up really late I am not going out shopping for a new dress so I guess it will be my short black dress tonight. It should be so much fun and I will have more pictures for sure.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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