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Friday night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well it was another fabulous night out with my friends Friday night. Cassandra had got 16 tickets to go see the 10 pm show at Harvey’s comedy club here in Portland and offered them up to members of our group the Roce_City_T-Girls, how great is that of her. We have done this 4 or 5 times now and it is always so much fun. The plan was to meet at Casey’s by 8 in Portland as it was easier to find and better parking there and then walk the 7 blocks down to Harvey’s.

I was running late and didn’t get downtown till after 8 and at that time of night it is hard to find parking so after circling the block 3 times I just went and parked in the parking lot across from Embers and paid the $6. It was only a block walk from there to Casey’s so it was worth the money. I put on my coat (I hate driving with a coat on) that I bought a couple weeks ago as I needed a warmer coat for winter. I accidently found it when I was dropping stuff off at goodwill for my yearend tax donation. It really isn’t that cute but it is warm and a woman’s coat and was only $10 so I figured what the heck.

When I got to Casey’s Cassandra, Cristine, Maya, Melissa, Bob & Julie were already there. We had some drinks and talked while waiting for the rest of our group. About 8:30 Barb and Brooke showed. At 8:45 we all walked down to Harvey’s as we could pick up our tickets between 8:45 and 9:30. It was a little cold out and I was glad I had my coat. We got out tickets and went into the bar to wait for the show to start. Harvey’s is a really fun place to go and they have always treated us great when we have been there. If you are ever in Portland and want to see a good comedy show you must check them out, 436 NW 6th Ave, Portland Oregon 97209 (503) 241-0338.

They started letting people into the showroom about 9:45 and we got our tables next to each other which is always nice and Harvey’s is pretty good about seating groups together. We all ordered our drinks and Brooke and I split an order of food as I am trying to watch my weight, really I had eaten earlier and wasn’t that hungry. There food and drinks are really good but a little over priced but then you are getting a show so it really is a good deal. The show was really good but then I have not been there when they have not had a good show. The show went about an hour and a half but seemed like it was much faster.

After the show a couple cute girls came over and wanted to know if they could get a picture with us. It was so funny as at first they were a little uneasy about asking not knowing how we would react. It was funny because as fast as we could say yes we all had our own cameras out faster so we could also get pictures. I bet between all of us there were 100 pictures taken, after all who does not want their picture taken especially with some cute girls. I am includes a few of the pictures in my blog. These girls were just so awesome and friendly and of course had lots of questions which is always fun. The one said her and her friends thought some of us were really passable including myself, what a great compliment. The funniest part was when she told Lynn that she was totally passable, we all laughed and then told her Lynn was Jan’s wife and was truly a female. That is really what started the questions as they didn’t realize that most crossdressers are heterosexual and some are even married. We must have sat there 10 or 15 minutes talking with them and they still thought we were just great. Cassandra and I each gave them our e-mail addresses in case they have more questions, or just want to get to know us and the group better. It is so nice to really talk to people about crossdressing as I think it helps bridge the gap between people and build a better understanding. Cassandra is so awesome at this as she can walk up to anyone and just start talking, and I am trying to get better. Maybe someday I will be more like Cassandra this way.


We left Harvey’s about 11:45 and went down to the Fox & hound to talk as none of us really wanted to go home yet. We stayed here till about 1:30 before calling it a night. It was truly a fun night for all of us. A big thanks to Cassandra for once again getting us tickets. This week I again won’t make it out Wednesday but at this point am planning on Thursday night probably at Starbuck’s. I will post then.

Have a great week everyone.

Wow tried putting pictures right into my blog and had all kinds of trouble as it kept changing the formt. I had to delete the blog 4 times to get it right. sorry to those who subscribe as I think you may have gotten this 4 time. I have learned now and shouldn’t make the same mistakes next time.

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  1. Love this blog about Harvey’s, the coments from the girls and the photos

    Comment by alice | December 4, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks Alice, Hope you can get up to Portland soon we all miss you.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | December 4, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Susan

    Sounds like you had a good night as usual. Love the photos’ it’s always nice to make friends with some real girls.

    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | December 5, 2010 | Reply

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