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New night out at Starbuck’s

Well I made it out this week on a Tuesday night. My work schedule for at least the rest of the year will be unpredictable and as such my normal Wednesday night out will change but that is good as I like not being so predictable. As they say change is good. It is a little different here tonight only 5 other people and not many coming in, not sure if it is because of the day, weather or maybe there business is just down.

Last week I had to miss Friday Night out as I got sick and just couldn’t make it out which really was hard as I so enjoy going out with my friends. I so look forward to being out with my friends all week long.

Well still slow here but the one couple that came in every Wednesday night also came in tonight so I guess they come here more than I do. Next week I will have to work late every night except Thursday so that will be my Starbuck’s night next week. It is going to take some getting used to different nights every week. I may even try going other places. I like my time here at this Starbuck’s but want to expand my outing as I have become so comfortable here. I think new experiences keep things fresh and also help keep you young. Some place I remember reading that the reason time moves so slow when you are young and seem s so fast the older we get is because when you are young everything seems new. We constantly meet new people and go to new places, but as we get older we work the same job with the same co-workers and same group of friends. I really believe this and think if we all tried new things, met new people went to new places I think we would all feel and look younger. I think living both male and female has helped me stay feeling and looking younger of course moisturizer and makeup helps a lot.

I really think that is why woman always look so much younger than men as they tend to really take the time to take care of their skin. I know as I have gotten older I am more aware of my skin and take better care of it and now I wish I had started at a younger age.

Wow tonight went by so fast I have to finish this at home as the time got away from me and 9 pm came and Starbuck’s closed before I finished. I was chatting with two friends online while doing my blog and was having so much fun chatting I lost track of time. This was really a fun night.

Well I will be out again Friday night and then again next Thursday night probably at Starbuck’s unless I can think of someplace new to go. Check back this weekend to find out about my Friday night out with my friends. Not sure where we will go but it is the friends that matter to me not where we are.

Have a great week.


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