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Wednesday night at fox & hound and CC’s

Well it was not my usual Wednesday night as I have Thursday off I decided to go downtown Portland and meet my friends for dinner at Fox & hound and then some pool at C.C. Slaughters. It was really cold out and when I left I had freezing rain where I live so I almost went back home but I wanted to spend time with friends so even the weather was not going to stop me.

I got to Fox & hound and being a Wednesday evening parking was easy and I found a spot only a half block away which was nice as it was 31 degrees outside. Cass and Wilma got there the same time I did so we all walked in together. There were already some of our group there and by the time we ordered I think we had 10 or 12 of us there all in one big long table. It was a lot of fun and the food was good and so was the service. The waiters were telling us about a benefit drag show they are putting on December 16; they will all be dressing in Drag and performing. Some of the girls from the group are planning on going but being a Thursday night I probably won’t make it. After dinner we all walked around the corner to CC Slaughters.

CC Slaughters was not really busy when we got there which I expected as it was a Wednesday evening. We went back by the pool table and put our names on the board to play. I was amazed how many girls from our group came out. As a matter of fact I lost count but would guess it was close to 25 maybe more. We all talked and played pool and some even danced. By 9:30 they were pretty crowded.

When it was my turn to play pool I got to play Veronica. I had a really good game and made some really good shots and won the game. The funny and scary part was about half way through the game as I walked around the table I almost walked right into someone I use to work with about 2 years ago. I quickly looked back at the pool table and the fact it was not real bright inside he didn’t get a good look at me but it really startled me. I have seen people I know when I have been out as Susan but this is as close as I have come to them, we literally almost bumped into each other face to face. My second game of pool was against Cass. Cass won but I did make a good game of it.

For a little while I was nervous after seeing him but soon relaxed and had a great time. It really was a fun night out with friends. I stayed out till almost 1:30.

My work schedule has changed some and I probably won’t make it out on Wednesday nights till after the first of the year. I really like my night out at Starbucks so I am thinking of trying Tuesday or Thursday nights or may even mix them. That way I have a little variety in my nights out. Problem is my Susan time is dependent on free time from my male side.

I would like to wish you all A Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. 31 degrees, that’s freezing. We are about 20 miles from mount Snowdon, and it normally hogs all the snow, but this morning (5 to 9) it’s actually snowing – so pretty. Sometimes we go a whole winter and never get snow in our village – LoL.

    Hugs Anna

    Comment by Anna Arendt | November 26, 2010 | Reply

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