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Wednesday night at Starbuck

Well I did make it out on Wednesday to Starbuck’s even though I did not update my blog from there so I am doing it now on Thursday evening. I got to Starbucks right at 7 and there were only 2 other cars there so I got to park right in front. The funny thing is by the time I checked my cell phone, put my keys in my purse and got my computer there were about 10 other cars there and probably 12 people headed inside. I was worried I would not find a seat any way I went in and there was a group standing just inside the door talking so I walked around them and got in line which was good because as soon as I ordered my drink I went and got a table before going back for my drink. It was so amazing how fast they filled up.

Peggy had told me she would come over and join me at Starbucks and about 7:10 she showed up which was nice. It was so fun to just sit there and chat. Nothing real important just your everyday girl chat so although I had my computer on I never really used it, well at the end we did check out some of the pictures from the Halloween party. It was truly an enjoyable evening, Thanks Peggy for making the long drive. It was amazing how fast the time went, it seemed like we were only there 45 minutes to an hour but soon they were telling us they were closing and when I looked it was almost 10 after 9 so I guess it is a shorter blog than normal.

Div Las Vegas will be April 3 through April 8 2011. It was so much fun last year I am planning on going this year. If you are looking for a fun vacation you should really think about attending you can check out their web page at I am pretty sure Cassandra and Peggy are planning on going again and I hope a few more girls from our group Rose_City_T-Girls here will go. It would be so fun to have a big group from Portland there.

Have a great week and I will be out again Friday so check back Saturday to read about it.


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  1. Hi Susan

    Its great to be able to look forward to an event so far in advance. Exciting isn’t it?

    Hugs Tina xx


    Comment by TinaCortina | November 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the comment; I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas. It was so fun last year and I am sure we will have a blast again this coming year. Hard to believe it is only 5 months away.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | November 7, 2010 | Reply

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