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Out at Starbuck’s

Well it is my normal Wednesday night out at Starbuck’s. So I will start with the most important thing, yes Susan has her Halloween costume. I went to several places over the weekend in boy mode looking at costumes and found some really cute ones but as I figured they are made for average to small females and just would not fit me. I did how ever find one that is pretty cute and does fit so I bought it and have already tried it on and everything is good so I am a go for the Halloween party Saturday night. I am really looking forward to it as last year was so much fun. I was thinking about it the other day, just a couple years ago Halloween was so fun because I could go out as Susan any place I wanted and no one even blinked an eye. Just being out as Susan made Halloween so much fun. Now I go out so often That Halloween needs more than just a dress, it needs a cute costume that Susan will look great in. It is funny how things have change. Any way I will be sure and get pictures and post them so check back after Halloween to read all about the party and see some pictures.

Well today was a good day as I got off work a little earlier so Susan had more time to get ready which is always fun and I actually left early with the hope of being to Starbuck’s by 6:30 but as luck would have it there was a wreck on the freeway which slowed traffic down. I got off the freeway before the wreck so it wasn’t that big of a delay, about 15 minutes so I still got here a little early. When I got here there was only one other person here so I had my choice of seats and got to pick a table closer to the front and more out in the open which is nice for people watching. Any way about 5 minutes before 7 people started coming in, one after another and by 7:15 most of the tables were taken so I guess everyone likes to get here about the same time I do. I may have to try to be a little earlier from now on.

A Strange thing happened yesterday on my Flickr account. Those who know me or have looked at my pictures know how much I like Acrylic nails, any way about a year ago someone invited me to post one of my pictures of my Acrylic nails in a Flickr group called nails which of course I did and I also joined the group. Any way I checked it a couple time after and there were only a couple pictures and 4 members including me. I forgot all about the group as it really wasn’t active, well yesterday I got an e-mail from the group informing me I am now an Administrator for the group and I was wondering why someone would do this so I logged onto the group and the message I got was that the person who started the group had left the group and there were only 2 members left and as I was the longest remaining member Flickr made me the Administrator. Well I have never planned on having a group but sense I seem to have inherited it I thought I would play with it and see what happens. I have got a few people to join and got some new pictures so we will see how it goes. If you like pretty nails you can check it out

Well it is starting to slow down now here as there are only about 10 other people here. It is so strange how relaxing it is to come to Starbuck’s and catch up on e-mails, update my blog and even chat on line sometimes with friends and I must not be the only one as 4 of the other 10 people are here also by themselves. One reading a book, another on an electronic book and the other 2 has their computers going. Till I started coming to Starbuck’s I never realized how many people come to a place like this. You see Starbuck’s everywhere plus other coffee places and I always wondered how they could possibly make enough money to stay open but they seem to draw the people in.

Any way must go for now, have a great week and thanks for readying my blog


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