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P Club on 10-22-2010

Well it was another fun Friday night out for the group I belong to (rose_City_T-Girls). We had a couple members out of town namely Cassandra who founded our wonderful group so I wasn’t too sure how many would be out. There were a couple post in the group on where we wanted to go but no definite answer so late Friday a couple girls posted they would be at the P-club at 8 so I also posted I would be there and that was where the group should go. When I got home Friday checked the group and still only the 3 of us had posted so I really wasn’t expecting many which is still fun and gives you more time to talk and interact when there is a small group so all was good.

Normally on Friday nights I like to be out by 7:30 (little more Susan time) but as Barb and Cristine said they would be there at 8 that was what I planed which was actually nice as it gave me a little more time to get ready and I wasn’t rushed. I got there just before 8 and there parking lot was full so I had to park out on the street something I had not thought of as I have always been able to find a close parking spot but I guess that extra half hour made a difference. Anyway when I got inside Michele and Rita were already there and they really were not that busy except for a big party they had going on in the corner with about 20 woman. I ordered a drink and some tater tots and we sat and talked. It wasn’t long and Barb and Cristine showed up and our group was growing.

Fia was the next to show up, she is a new member of the group and very passible, this was only her second time out with the group. She usually goes out during the day as that is when she can get out the easiest. She joined in with the group and we all got to talk to her which is so nice. Fia and I talk for a while just like two girlfriends which is probably my favorite part of going out the social part of it. I am fine with going almost anywhere as long as I am with my friends. It was such a fun night and got to know her better. I hope she can come out again on another evening with the group

Maya showed up about 9 which was nice as she seems to be getting out more. She is always so fun. We got to talk a little but she was also on her phone as she was trying to give directions to her daughter on how to find the P-Club, they are new to the area. By this time we were playing pool and Susan had an awesome night as I won 5 out of 6 games of pool, okay two of them the other person scratched on the 8 ball but it is still a win. Maya and Barb play ping pong and Maya won, she played against a couple other people on the club and beat them also, she is really good at ping pong.

Maya’s daughter and husband showed up finally and they were just awesome, totally excepting of Maya and really all of us. She is also very pregnant and du any day now but that did not stop her and her husband from dancing several times. I even played her husband a game of pool which I won he scratched but it was a really close game as we were both on the 8 ball when he scratched.

About midnight our group started to thin out and girls started to leave which is always sad as it means the night is coming to an end. At this time Brook showed up in boy mode, didn’t really get a chance to talk with her. By 12:30 it was down to just Maya and her daughter and husband and I. Maya drug me out on the dance floor, now I am not a dancer and feel really out of place but I tried and can you believe it I broke a nail, well actually Maya squeezed my hand so hard one of my nails popped off in her hand. So now I was missing a nail. When we got back to the table I put my nail in my purse and Maya was looking at her hand and was also missing a nail, I guess dancing is a rough sport so be careful out on the dance floor girls. It was probably 12:45 when we left. Outside I did get a chance briefly to talk with Brook which was nice.

In all it was a fun night and we had a pretty good turn out even with Cassandra out of town which was nice. It is good that the group still is active even when some of the main members are gone, it just shows how wonderful this group is and what good friends we have become. Well I must go as I must figure out what Susan wants to be for Halloween and go get it as I now only have 1 week, nothing like putting it off till the last minute.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween


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  1. Hi Susan,

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and I must apologise, as I’ve been reading your blog via my email, so I haven’t been adding to your stats. I’m glad I popped in to catch up on your latest posts, as you look so good on your photos too.

    Have fun

    Hugs, Anna

    Comment by Anna Arendt | October 25, 2010 | Reply

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