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Saturday Night at Harvey’s Comedy club

Well I went out on Saturday night with the girls from my group Rose_City_T-Grils. Cassandra got tickets to Harvey’s Comedy club and it is always fun so I managed to trade to get off work so I could go.

We started off by meeting at Oasisba Asian Fusion & Bar (1639 NW Glisan), I have never been there but some of the girls have been. They remodeled a few weeks ago and put a small stage in. the waitresses are transgender and also perform on the stage. Phaedra one of the Drag queens who use to work at Embers works here now, she is also a member of our group so she invited us. We met there at 6 pm which is early for me but somehow I made it by 6. Phaedra greeted me as I came in and we put some tables together as I was not sure how many would make it. As it turned out we had 9 that showed up. Victoria, Petra, Cassandra, Peggy, Teresa, Wilma, Mira, Roxy and I were all there and we sat with Phaedra’s mom as she was in town to visit her daughter. Some had dinner the rest of us just some drinks. Now I am not a big fan of spicy food so I chose not to eat here but don’t let that be how you judge them. Several of the girls said the food was really really good so if you do like Asian food please give them a try. The atmosphere is really nice and they have a big mirror on the back wall so you can watch the show no matter which way you are facing. In all it was a nice place to go for dinner and a show.

From here we went down to Casey’s which is a small bar just around the corner from Embers. The plan was to meet here at 7:30 as the second stop on our night out. When we got here Jan, Lyn, Cristine and Barb were there and our group was almost complete. Now I have been here once before and it has a nice atmosphere but is mainly a bar, they do have a pool table and I think they do have some food but not sure as we didn’t eat here. A few of the girls did play some pool but most of us just talked. We stayed here till a little after 9 and then we all walked the 8 blocks down to Harvey’s. A little chilly but fun to see a group of us walking down the street.

We got to Harvey’s and got our tickets and went in to the bar to wait till the doors open for the 10 PM show. We only had to wait about 15 minutes till they started seating us for the show. They had a good crowd so we couldn’t all go in at the same time. Cristine was the first one in and told them we had a group of 16 so they got us 4 tables together which was nice as being in one big group is always more fun. Wendy and Nadine showed up to meet us at Harvey’s, Wendy was in boy mode and took me a minute to realize who she was of course if she had been with her wife Nadine when I first saw her I would have know instantly. So we actually had 15 for the show and wow I am so proud of myself, as I remembered everyone by name so I guess I am getting better at putting faces to names.

Now Harvey’s is pretty nice but there prices are a little high but then again you are getting a really good show so I guess it is not that bad. I was a little hungry so Barb and I split an order of chicken tenders, as I said a little bit pricey but was really good. The main Comedian was Dante and he had to opening acts, one of which was his girlfriend. The shows were really good and Dante was probably the best which makes sense as he was the headliner. He was also the comedian the first time we went there last winter so of course some of the jokes we had heard before. If you have never seen his show at the end he does some impersonations and they are awesome. I would highly recommend going to his show if you get the chance and as for Harvey’s a really nice place to go for good entertainment. After the show Cassandra and Wilma talked with Dante for a bit and on the way out his girlfriend talked to me and a couple others. They were very nice and thanked us for coming which was really nice.

As we left for our walk back there was two girls and a guy outside and one of the girls wanted to get a picture with me and of course Susan never turns down a photo opt so we posed while her friend took a couple pictures and of course I had to dig out my camera so I could have a picture. She thanked me for taking a picture with her. I have posted the picture as it has been awhile sense I posted a new picture. Not a really great one as my flash didn’t work, low batteries but still a new picture.

The walk back was a lot chillier then the walk there as it was after midnight when the show ended but still a fun night. We got back and all said our goodbyes. I gave Roxy a ride to her car as she had some new shoes, 4″ heels and after the 8 blocks back to Casey and then 2 more to where Cassandra and I had parked she still had 5 more blocks and we didn’t want her walking downtown by herself at that time of night, not a good idea for anyone, male or female. It was a really fun night.

A big thanks to Cassandra for getting the tickets.


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