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Wednesday 10-13-10 at Starbucks

Well it is Wednesday and of course I am out at my Favorite Starbuck’s. It is that time of year now that it is getting colder at night so of course now Susan has to take her little jacket with her when she goes out. I really need to get me a nice winter coat for Susan this year.

Well onto the big thing on my mind, Halloween. It is just 18 days away and I still have no costume or even an idea of what I want to be. I also am getting busy again at work and will probably miss next Wednesday and the last Friday of the month as I traded that night to get Saturday night the 30 off to go to a party at Cassandra and Peggy’s house. They go all out for these parties and ask nothing in return. I will of course bring some snacks like a veggie tray or something and maybe something to drink plus give me a good excuse to go into a store in my costume that is if I can come up with something. I know I could dress up as a girl, wait I already do that so not such a good idea. Well still have some time.

It is strange thinking back a few years when all I could think about was Halloween as it was a chance to be Susan and go out, now I go out so much as Susan that I really want a cute costume and not just dressing up feminine. My how things have changed for Susan. So I guess I will pose a question to those of you who read my blog. For those who are in the gender community do you dress up in costumes or just use Halloween as an excuse to go out in you female (or male for t-guys)? For years Halloween was Susan’s biggest night of the year and now it is the nights I get out with all my friends so in that way Halloween has lost a little of the fun for me, don’t get me wrong it is still probably my favorite holiday but the reasons have changed. Any way would love to hear what your thoughts are on Halloween plus if you have any ideas for costumes please feel free to post them.

Well back to my night here, Starbucks has been pretty steady and most of the tables have people at them. It still amazes me how busy they are especially with all the coffee shops around. There are so many and I admit I drive by probably 6 other Starbucks to get to this one. I know what you are thinking why drive so far, well at first I wanted to go away from where I lived as I really didn’t want to run into anyone I know, which by the way I have here twice now but they didn’t notice me or at least didn’t say anything about it to me. But more than that is the fact that the girls who work at this one are all so awesome and treat me really well right down to remembering what I like to drink. Maybe I should order something different sometime just to throw them off, you know change it up a little. Now to be honest every Starbucks I have gone to I have been treated well and just like any other customer but as I have come here so many times over the last year and know most of the girls (not by name) but still there is a comfortable safe feeling here and that really means a lot. There has been a lot of talk lately in my group here (Rose_City_T-Girl) about places to go where we feel safe or wanted. Seems there were some other issues at the Candlelight, I guess some threats were made against us by a couple of the customers and even a bottle thrown at one of our group. I didn’t know about this and it has made our whole group rethink going there. Now I am the first to stand up and say we shouldn’t be chased off but when it comes to personal safety one must really think about the benefit to reward and is it worth it. There are so many places we can go where we are accepted and even wanted. The bad thing is the Candlelight was a fun place to go and we always had fun there. Any way enough about that.

I guess I should also give a pitch for our T-girl group, Rose_City_T-Girls. It is such a fun group and really has some awesome members. If you are transgender (Crossdresser, t-girl, transsexual, the significant other or just an admirer of transgender) and live in the Portland/Vancouver metro area of Oregon or travel here you are welcome to join. The only rule is you must have a face picture either on a yahoo profile (yahoo group) or be willing to send in a picture to post in the group photo which is only viewable by members if privacy is a concern. Now I am not sure of the total makeup of the group right now as we now have 168 members but ruff guess would be 10 to 15 significant others, 10 admirers and maybe 5 just friends of members and the rest transgender in one way or another. Feel free to check out the main page (all you can see without being a member) the main page tells you about the group and more information on joining. The group has helped so many to come out more including me. 3 years ago I was lucky to get out 4 or 5 times a year and was always nervous and now it is twice a week and I feel pretty relaxed most of the time. Having a support group is awesome. If you don’t live in the area see if there is a group where you live as it really will make a difference, if not why mot start one where you live. Our group was started by Cassandra 3 years ago as a way to bring t-girls together and have a way to know when and where others would be out so you didn’t have to worry about going out and being by yourself. What a simple and wonderful idea she had and we all are so grateful she did this.

Well I need to catch up on some other things here before they close for the night. I hope you all have a great week and thanks so much for reading my blog.


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  1. Susan,
    Thanks for the plug for Rose City T-Girls – I can vouch it was worth your time to do so. I’m a CD that lives in Vancouver. I spent 30 minute trying to find the Yahoo group, then found your blog with the link – thank you! You have a great blog too, I’m glad I found it! I hope to join the Rose City T-Girl group and meet you and others in person, maybe as soon as next weekend?

    Last year I was overjoyed to get out crossdressed on Halloween. One year later, now that I routinely pass in public, I fantasize about something more daring and dressing more risque for Halloween – since I don’t totally care if I’m read that day.


    Comment by Stefia | October 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the comment and glad you joined the group, it really is a wonderful group of ladies. I look forward to meeting you as it is always nice to make new friends.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | October 16, 2010 | Reply

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