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Wednesday 10-6-2010

Well it is another Wednesday night out at Starbuck’s. I have been looking forward to this for a few days now. Work is still really busy so I worked extra today and got home late so I had to rush again to get Susan ready and out the door. Actually I didn’t rush that much so was a little late getting he, the big thing is once again I left home without my jewelry and noticed it when I was on the freeway so I didn’t go back for it so Susan feels a little incomplete. It is strange as a guy I hate rings and even my watch on my wrist bothers me if it is loose but Susan loves her rings and bangle bracelets. Like so, any things in this part of my life I can’t explain an better than the way I feel. I still get asked all the time why I like to be Susan and dress up as her and the only explanation I can give is I enjoy it and it relaxes me.

People like to be able to understand thing and have reasons but for me there is no underlying reasons other than relaxing. It is such a simple answer and people feel there should be more to it and I am sure for some there is but for me it is relaxation and a chance to get away from my normal life, kind of a mini vacation. If you can’t understand this try being someone else for a few hours, you do not have to dress just make up another person to be. I have met so many wonderful friends as Susan, mostly through our yahoo group Rose_City_tigirls which Cassandra started a few years back as a way for us to meet and get to know others who share our hobby (for some it is a way of life). But either way we have a way to now when and where others will be so we don’t have to go out alone if we don’t want. Cassandra has done a wonderful job with this group. I would encourage everyone if there is a group to join like this one so worth it and if not try to create one. Some of our girls never came out till they joined the group and got to know others. It would be so great to see other yahoo groups across the country just like our group here.

Any way it is not as busy here tonight as last week but still more than a few months ago. I think their business is picking up which is good as I would hate to see this one closed for lack of business. Susan really like to come here and feels so comfortable here. Just a really nice place with wonderful people working here. It was a beautiful day out today mid 70’s, but nights are really starting to cool off so I brought my little jacket as it will be chilly when I leave tonight. It seemed so strange for it to be dark by 7. I am not looking forward to the winter as that means colder and shorter days.

Well moving on. There are only a few weeks to Halloween and I need to come up with a costume for a Halloween at Cassandra & Peggy’s house. They are hosting another party. They are so great as they have opened their house for several parties over the last two years. I really hope they know how much the group appreciates this; they are really two awesome people. They have even hired someone to come in and do karaoke for the night and have prizes for several things. Now I am not sure I will attempt to sing as I have terrible stage fright. When I did the t-girl pageant I was so scared to be out in front of people. It really does not make any sense as I am a guy who can dress up as a woman and go out and not think twice about it but put me on a stage Male or female and I am worried what people will think. Any way back to my costume. Last year I knew what I wanted to be (Wonder Woman) and it still took me time to find a costume that fit, this year I have no idea so I am really behind the eight ball on this. If anyone has ideas feel free to forward them to me as I need all the help I can get. I would like something really cute and maybe sexy.

Well it has slowed down here and I have got all caught up on the work I needed to do and even had a little time to just surf the internet so it has been a good night. I will post again this weekend as I will once again be out Friday night. I think we are going to the Candlelight again but won’t know for sure till tomorrow. One last thing Cassandra is running the Portland Marathon this weekend, wow 26 mile’s what an accomplishment as she only started running around the first of the year. Way to go Cassandra. I would have a hard time running a mile right now but that is one of my goals to start running again as I need to get in shape and loose some wait. Any way hope you all have a great rest of the week.



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  1. Hi Susan

    I’ve never been one for costumes, lol. I hate them as a guy and as a tgirl I’ve always thought I’m in costume enough. Totally agree with your comments about jewelry. As a guy, no jewellery, even take my watch off half the time!

    Tina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | October 7, 2010 | Reply

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