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Friday night at Easy Street

Well I made it out again Friday night. The last couple weeks have been so busy and I so look forward to my Susan time to get away for a while and relax. I took my time getting ready so I could really enjoy it. Not sure how many others enjoy the time we girls spend getting all pretty from the shower right through the makeup and putting on our cute cloths and heels but for me this is all part of the experience and I enjoy it all. Now to be total fair maybe if I did this every day of my life and spent the hour and a half every day I may not feel the same but I really doubt it as I love it so much and the look when I am done is so worth the time.

Well I had told friends I would be at Easy Street by 7:30 and as I took a little longer getting ready I was running late so I rushed getting dressed and was out and driving down the street. I was about a mile from home when I noticed I forgot my bracelets and ring. Now I didn’t want to be any later and really didn’t want to have to go back home as it would mean driving through my neighborhood 2 more times once going home and once leaving but I just had to have my jewelry so I turned around and went home. I pulled into my garage and got out and ran into the house, only took a couple minutes and I was back out to my car. I left the garage door open so the houses across the street could have seen me but it looked like they weren’t home. soon I was out on my way and now later than I wanted. I got to Easy Street about 7:45 so I really wasn’t that late and I am sure none of my friends even noticed but I hate when I am late someplace.

Anyway as I said in my last blog about Easy street they do not have a lot of parking and so I ended up parking about a half block up on the street. Not too bad as it is a residential neighborhood but it also does not have really good street lights so a girl must be really careful. I got inside and Cassandra, Maya, Cristine and Michele were already there. Now the staff here is awesome and so welcoming, they always say hi and treat us great; as a matter of fact Jodi the woman who runs Easy Street invited us when the Candlelight asked us to come there a little less so they actually want us there which is really nice. Jodi even introduced herself to us all and learned our names what a way to make one feel welcome.

Soon Roxy and Chris showed up so we moved from our both to some tables so we would have more room. We all ordered some food; I got the fish and chips which are really good. A couple got some pizza and even some hot wings and everyone thought their food was good so there you go; they have great food according to the T-girl food network. Cass started a list for pool and we all put our names on it. Even some of the regulars did including a husband and wife (who by the way was named Susan also). She was at ease with us but her husband was a little uneasy at first but a couple of the girls were talking about boats and he came over and joined in and soon he was sitting at our table and having a good time. they were really two awesome people

The band started a little after 9 and that would be the one bad point they have as they do not have a lot of room and with the band playing you could not hear anyone to talk but the music was really good. I guess if you wanted to talk we could have gone to the other end away from the band but the pool table was over by the band and that was what had the group’s attention.

A little later Amber, Jan and Lynn showed up and joined us but with the music we really couldn’t talk. Some were dancing maybe at one point 10 but mostly small groups and mostly woman but then again there dance area is not that big but they all appeared to be having a good time.

Brook showed up (in boy mode) and it was nice to see her again. She is so busy working two jobs she hardly ever gets time to go out let alone as Brook. We got to talk a little during the bands break. She really misses her time out as Brook and I can totally relate as I know how I feel if I miss my Susan time especially for a long period but a girl has to do what a girl has to, to make ends meet and buy her all those pretty cloths, heels and makeup. any way it was a fun night as usual, anytime I can spend with my good friends is fun.

If you have never been to the Easy Street you should give them a try, they are located at 6618 SE Powell Blvd Portland Oregon 97206. They are your friendly neighborhood bar and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. A big thanks to Jodi and all the staff there, you are all so awesome and look forward to getting to know you all better.

Well the band stopped playing about 1 am and we stayed just a little while longer playing pool and talking. Got a good chance to talk with Jan and Lynn finally which is nice, Jan even won a few games of pool at the end. Jodi came over and thanked us all for coming and invited us back.

It was sad to see our evening come to an end but we were all getting really tired as it has been a long day so we all said our goodbyes and off we went home. not sure where we will be next Friday as it is our night to go to the Candlelight but there is talk about skipping it because of them asking us not to come as often. Now I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand do we really want to go someplace that would rather we didn’t and spend our money there supporting them which is a valid point. On the other side should we let them chase us off? Both equally valid concerns but the point that sticks out in my mind is that most of the staff at the candlelight like us and treat us well and for the most part most of the customers there are okay with us some even look forward to us being there, as one said we bring a breath of fresh air. I guess I would still like to see us go there every once in a while as everyone always seems to have a good time there but I will go with the group as it is being out with my friends which is most important no matter where we go. I guess as it will be torn down next year to make way for the college to expand it really won’t be an issue then.

Any way I hope you all have as great week and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Last month I had over 1100 views which just blows my mind.

Bye J

Oh one last note Diva Las Vegas posted the pictures from Diva Las Vegas 2010 so you can check them out and yes there are pictures of me, Cassandra and Peggy there. They are also working on selecting dates for Diva Las Vegas 2011 if you are interested in attending join the announcement list. If they pick dates I can make I will definitely go again as it was so much fun. If you are looking for a chance to be out and about in public and have a great time this is the event you want.

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  1. Hello, you have a wonderful blog and some amazing pictures. I must apologize for not getting here sooner but figuring out how blogs work seems to be part of my journey. I just found you yesterday. Thanks for your long-ago supportive comment.
    I’m just going to say “bye for now” because “I’ll be back” sounds too much like Arnold S. and “I shall return” like McArthur. I have enough identity confusion already.

    Comment by Sarah Michelle | October 3, 2010 | Reply

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