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Wednesday 9-29 2010

Well I am out again at Starbuck’s and I was so looking forward to my Susan time as work is really busy as we are short handed. I have worked 9 days straight now and still have 2 more to go so I will be ready for the weekend and Friday night out with my friends which I massed last week. We are going to Easy Street this week which should be fun. We have gone there as a group once before and had a great time. This week they should have a band which will make the girls who dance really happy. The only drawback is that it is a smaller place and with a band and dancing there will not be a lot of room and may be hard to talk. I hope we have a really good turn out as it is always so much more fun with a big group of girls. Any way I will blog more about that on Saturday morning.

Well as I said I am at Starbuck’s and when I first got here there were about 10 other people so I found a seat in the back at a table where I can use my computer but it did not take long for it to fill up. I have only been here 20 minutes and now all the tables are taken and the table next to me asked if they could use the extra chair at my table and as I am not expecting anyone tonight I said yes. There actually is not an open seat any place, even the big chairs in the corner have people sitting on the arms of the chair and it looks like the tables outside are full but hard to tell as it is already dark outside. How sad is that just 7:30 and already dark outside. There are even a couple people standing with their drinks not sure if they are waiting for a table to open or something else but this is defiantly the busiest I have seen it here. It also makes it a little noisy here with so many people talking including a guy on his cell phone and he is pretty loud so I can hear his side of the conversation even though I am not trying to listen. There are 5 people in line to order and 3 waiting to get there drinks so it is probably a good thing they have 3 girls working here tonight. Oh by the way when I got up to order the girl remembered my drink. I think her name is Jenny but not sure. They are all great here but I do miss Katie and Shavonie as they were so much fun.

I talked to the girls and Katie still works here but mostly mornings and early afternoons so I may have to try to come in some morning (Saturday or Sunday as I work during the week) as it would be nice to talk to her again.

Well I was reading another blog I follow (link on side Tina) and found it interesting how others have the same issues with finding time for this side of their lives. I think I have a good balance with my 2 and sometimes 3 times a week but when I miss one of those days it can throw my whole week off. I so look forward to my Susan time as it is so fun and such a great stress reliever but the bad part of that is when I am really busy and miss one of my days it usually means more stress in my life which really means I need my Susan time, kind of a catch 22. I really do well though balancing the two sides of my personality which really helps keep me calm. I really hope others can find a balance in their lives as we all need that.

Well I need to get a little work done now so I will sign off. I hope you all have a great week and thanks to all who read my blog.

Wow they stayed busy all night long, at 9 one of the girls came around and started telling people they were closing and all but 1 table had people still at them. Probably 20 people still here. This was really the busiest I have seen them.


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  1. Hi Susan

    As you say, whoever you are, whatever you do in your life, it is really important to find a balance.

    Starbucks getting busy again…. recession over?!!

    TinaCortina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | September 30, 2010 | Reply

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