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Portsmouth on Friday 9/17/2010

Well it was another fun Friday night out. Our group had decided on Portsmouth on Lombard as we have gone there several times and always been treated well and had a good time. So as I got ready I was deciding on what to wear. Being a more mainstream place I didn’t want to stand out but I also really wanted to wear a dress so I picked out my grey sweater dress. It is a cute dress I think but a little on the warm side so I wasn’t sure, but sense it was rainy out I went ahead and wore it. I got all dressed and pretty and off I went. I got there right at 7:30 and Cassandra, Maya & Wilma pulled in right after me. It wasn’t raining when we got there which was nice as I hate walking in the rain as Susan, messes my hair and makeup. When I got out of the car I noticed right away it was warm and humid and when we got inside it was the same warm and humid so the dress was going to be warm.

The one bar tender (can’t remember her name but she is awesome) came over to see if we needed anything and Cassandra asked her to turn on the air which she did and it helped some. We also found out they changed the menu and no longer serve pizza which also meant no more cheese bread which I was so looking forward to as they had awesome cheesy bread. A little disappointment but I went ahead and had some tater tots which were also good. Chris, Cristine, Kelley and Samantha showed up and we were all having a good time we even played some pool. I have met Chris a couple times before but he mostly goes out on Wednesday evening to CC so it gave me a good chance to talk to him a bit and get to know him as little better. I lost which is nothing new. Some of the girls kept playing pool. Maya and I went up and played ping pong for a while, at first just hitting the ball back and forth but then we played a game. Maya did a lot better during the game; she led the whole game and won. I did tie it up twice but never did take the lead so she maybe was taking it easy on me to keep me interested but it was so fun. We played for about 20 to 30 minutes but then I was getting to warm (back to my dress) and didn’t want to sweat my makeup off so we took a break to cool off. Dan showed up and played some pool also.

A little later Wilma and I went up and played mot ping pong. Wilma and I are more evenly matched but we never really played a game just hit the ball back and forth but again it got warm so we took another break.

Kelley came over and wanted to see if any of us wanted to play shuffle board (table top) so Cristine and I went up and played against Kelley and Steve, Cristine and I won by the way. Another customer Kelly (GG) came over and explained to us how it was played and scored as none of us had played before. We started talking with her and she was just awesome.

Kelly’s friend Mallory came over who I met the first time we were at Portsmouth, we played pool that night. We played some more shuffle board and took a couple pictures, what girl doesn’t like having her picture taken especially with some cute GG’s. Kelly took us over and introduced us to her husband and Mallory’s boyfriend and they were just as nice and we all started talking. Kelly showed us pictures of her baby (7 month old) and just adorable. I gave Kelly my e0mail address so she can find me on Facebook sense she wants a copy of the pictures we took. We must have stood and talked to Kelly for over an hour, she was really interested in us and all our differences, transgender, transsexual, crossdresser, t-girl and what it all meant to us. It was a good time and I hope we answered all her questions. It was really nice to have someone who really wanted to understand us and get to know us. It was a really fun night. When it came time for Kelly, Mallory to leave they all said good bye and we took more pictures including a group picture. It was such a fun night.

Our group started to dwindle now as girls started to leave. In the end it was just Cassandra, Maya, Wilma, Cristine and me left. So we chatted for a little while more and then called it a night about 1:40. When we left it was still warm and humid outside. As we were leaving we ran into Brook (in boy mode) outside so we chatted for a few minutes before leaving for home.

As I went to get into my car I stepped into a puddle of water and knew it instantly as I had on open toed heels. I looked down and there was a huge puddle from the front of my car to the back and the middle looked deep. Strange as a guy I would have just wadded through the water and got in not worrying about getting my feet wet but not Susan. Susan didn’t want to get her cute shoes wet or her nylons (such a girl) so I went around the car and got in on the passenger side and wiggled my way across to the driver’s seat which is not easy in heels and a dress and definitely not very lady like or graceful but it was dark out and there was no one around to see. It was a real fun night and I hated to see it come to an end because next Friday I won’t be able to go out so it will be two Fridays before I see my friends again.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


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