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Friday night at Candlelight

Well Friday night was fun again. It was our turn to go to the Candlelight for pool, music and dancing for those who can dance. I got there about 7:30 and Amy was already there as she had got there about 7 so I joined her. We got our usual table and ordered some food. We splint a 4 piece fish and chips as this girl needs to cut down on how much she eats as I want to lose some weight. We had been there about 15 minutes when another t-girl came in and asked if she could join us, her name was Andrea so we sat and got to know each other. She had met Cristine online and found out where we would be so she decided to come out. This was her first time ever out which we all know is hard but as we were at a regular club must have been really hard.

Andrea was really nice and we had a nice chat. Both Amy and I talked about our first time out which was a nice trip down memory lane. We also did the usual girl chat about makeup and nails and all the other girl things which I always enjoy. One of our girls was running real late as she called and said she was having makeup. issues, she had washed it of 3 times because it wasn’t right and was on her fourth time doing her makeup. We have all had that problem at one point although I don’t think I ever went a fourth round on my makeup so our group was small for awhile.

Barb showed up next and she is always so fun, she is one of our dancing girls along with Amy of course. We chatted some more and were really enjoying ourselves. Cristine showed up next so she and Andrea chatted along with the rest of us. I think Andrea was having a fun time but you could see she was a little nervous which is totally understandable. Next to show up was Maya she had on a wonderful Perfume and I asked her what it was but my memory is not as good as it use to be because I cannot remember the name so I will have to ask her again and remember to write it down. Last to show was Cassandra and Wilma (they are usually the first to be anyplace) but it was all good as it doesn’t matter when you get there as long as you do.

We all played some pool, Barb was first and won 3 games, Cassandra won 3 also before she lost to me. It was an awesome game on my part as I played perfectly leaving my balls on the table to block her and in the end I won by having 2 balls that got in her way and she scratched on the 8 ball, all part of my plan. I tried the same plan the next game against Buck (one of the regulars who is just awesome and treats us great) but I finally had to sink one of my last 2 balls and that left the 8 ball open to Buck and he sunk it and won but it was a lot of fun. Wilma (our other dancing t-girl), Barb and Amy spent a lot of time on the dance floor and they are really good of course I can’t dance so I may not be the best judge as dancing with the stars has never called me to be a judge on their show.

The music was good mostly blues but the group did a really good job. Everyone we talked with seemed to either not mined us or liked us being there. One woman told me she thought we were a breath of fresh air, wow what a complement. I really think our group does an outstanding job representing the transgender in a good light. We are always friendly and try to treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated and I think most people pick up on that, after all a smile goes a long way. Seriously I really think attitude is the difference, if you expect problems or confrontations you will probably find them but if your attitude is everything is good and fine most people will pick up on that and everything will be fine. Now I know what you are thinking, there is always exception and that is true. There will always be those people who no matter what will not like you and have an issue but you can’t let them put you down or change who you are or you attitude. Stay away from them and don’t let them ruined your fun. One last thing is always be careful no matter if you are TG or GG, one must always be aware of your surroundings. The old saying bad things happen to good people are true and one must always be careful. So go out have fun make friends and be safe.

They were slow till about 11:30 before they really got busy and even after that it was not as busy as it had been the first few time we were there. I really don’t believe we are the reason their business is off as we only go there once a month now, I think it is just the economy. As I said earlier I have never had a negative comment to me. Well we all had a great time and stayed till about 1:30 before leaving. On the way out we ran into Brook (in boy mode) so we stood outside and chatted for a while. It really was a great night and so much fun to spend times with your best friends, what a way to end a week. Everyone have a great week and I will see you all again next Friday.


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