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Stormy night at Starbucks

Well it is another Wednesday night out at Starbuck’s. The weather the last couple days have been rainy sand even a couple thunder storms which I enjoy, there is something about the thunder and lightning as the song say “I love the thunder and lightning when it lights up the ski”. I actually got here a little earlier than normal for once which worked out well as about 5 minutes after I got here it really rained and lasted for about 20 minutes so I would have got soaked had I got here at my normal time. Right now I am sitting here and can see the flashes of light to the West but as of yet have not heard any thunder.

When I got inside the one lady remember what I like and had already had the other lady making it for me which was nice. It is nice to be remembered and treated like a regular but I guess coming here almost every Wednesday for 9 months has something to do with it. They again are not real busy maybe 8 other people here but it is more than last week. There are 3 girls working tonight instead of 2, but I think the one is new and being trained. All the girls who work here are just so nice and treat everyone great which goes to show what a good job Starbuck’s does in training and hiring.

It has been a long week and the group I belong to has been really active for the last few days, seems there was an incident at Embers Wednesday night with a charity auction they had for Camp Starlight that got all the girls in the group upset. Now we have had issues with Embers before but nothing like this. Now I won’t say what happened as I was not there and have no firsthand knowledge of what happened so I would feel like I am spreading rumors which I try never to do. But it sounds like most of the girls in the group are so unhappy they may not go back and one is planning on meeting with the owner or manager about it. It is a shame as some of the employees and Drag Queens are really nice and do a wonderful job.

Other than this not much to blog about, I will stop at Safeway on the way home as I need to pick up a few things tonight. I will again be out this Friday and I believe we will be at the Candlelight again but not sure. It should be posted in the group tomorrow where we will be so look for my next blog about Friday night.

A few more people have come in now which is nice as I like it here better when there are more people. There is one couple in the corner that come in almost every Wednesday (maybe other night too) just like me but they get here about 8 pm so I guess that makes them regulars too. Have a great rest of the week.


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