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Friday night at Portsmouth

Well another week has come to an end and Susan was ready for a fun night out with her friends, I so look forward to Fridays. I got all dressed up and wore my white skirt and pink top and of course my 4″ heels. It was a nice day and still warm out but I took my jacket as it might be a little chill when we leave as we will stay till 1 or 2 am. I got to Portsmouth bar and pizza right at 7:30 and found a good parking spot. I checked my cell phone for and had a text message from Cassandra, they were running late and would not be there till 8 so I would probably be on my own for a bit as Cassandra is usually the first to arrive. Well anyway I went in and they were actually pretty busy as it looked like they had a party of some kind going on and they had taken all the tables by the pool tables. Luckily the two big round tables between the bar, pool tables and dance floor were empty so I grabbed one and sat down. A couple people gave me a quick glance but that was it and then they went back to what they were doing. I ordered a drink and then checked out the menu, I already knew what I would order but it helped pass the time.

A little after 8 Cassandra, Wilma, Michele and Diane showed up. It was so great to see Diane again, she moved out of state about a year ago so she only comes out with us when she is in Portland for business. Diane had gone and got her nails done (acrylics) at the nail salon she always goes to and that was why they were late which this girl can totally understand as I would be late to my own funeral to go to the nail salon and get acrylic nails, did I mention how much I love acrylic nails. Well the funny thing is her nail salon is not far from Portsmouth but she drove all the way out to Cassandra’s house and then road back in with them. Well we all sat and talked for a bit and then we ordered food as most of us were hungry. If you have never been to Portsmouth bar & Pizza you should as they have really good pizza and their cheesy bread is awesome and comes with a garlic ranch dipping sauce and the prices are very reasonable. Later on Jan, Lynn and Kelly showed up and I think there were a couple more who I can’t think of right now so we really did have a good group. Oh even a couple of the girls were there in boy mode and I didn’t realize it till they came over and said hi.

Later we did all play pool, I lost all 3 of my games and some of the girls were out on the dance floor. We had a really good time and a few of the customers that were there last time we were came over and talked to us, mostly the woman as it seems they are less intimidated by our group plus I think the fact a few of the girls were out dancing with them helps. As the evening wore on a few of the men did come over like Todd who was really nice and talked to us on and off most of the night.

Cassandra even played pool with a couple guy’s Phillip and I didn’t get his friends name as their English was not that good and I don’t speak Spanish. But they were very nice although not really good at pool; maybe I should have played pool against them as I might have won. Anyway Phillip seemed to have taken a shine to Cassandra, Diane and myself and spent the last couple hours talking to us and complimenting us on how we looked, very flattering but still makes me a little uneasy as I don’t think I will ever be comfortable with male attention. Don’t get me wrong what girls does not like to her how pretty she is but I know I will never be attracted to men and I don’t want to give the wrong impression.

Anyway it was a fun night and worth getting through the week for. What more could any girl want then a fun night out with her girlfriends. We stayed till a little after 1 am before heading home. Thanks to all my friends you really make Friday nights fun. Have a great week everyone. J


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  1. hi susan,nice post here,i have read your bio,and i’m suprised that u r a guy,i thought u a girl.but its ok susan,as far we r happy in what we do right .

    Comment by how to remove acrylic nails | October 1, 2010 | Reply

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