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Back at Embers

Well I made it out on Friday after a really busy and long day. I wasn’t even sure I would make it out which would have been sad. I was running late so I had to hurry and get Susan ready something I hate as I really enjoy and it relaxes me to get Susan ready. I think the time getting all pretty is almost as much fun as being Susan. Having to rush so much was a little more stressful and relieving my stress is one of the best things about Susan. Anyway it was all good and I got to Embers only a little later than I usually do. I wasn’t too sure how many would be there other than Cassandra as her and I were the only two who posted in our group we would be there. I was glad to see we had a really good turnout and I bet we had 15 t-girls there; some were our regulars and some who come out a little less frequent do to other things in their lives so it was good to see them.

Embers was not real busy I think we had almost as many up at the pool table area as they did down watching the show. Jamie was here and I have only met her once or twice so I had a good chance to talk to her as it has been month’s sense she has been out on the same night as I. it was nice to catch up and get to know her better. Her wife Linda even stopped in for a while so I got to meet her for the first time. They have been out together before but it was a night Susan couldn’t make it. It is so cool her wife is so supportive of her being Jamie, we really do have some very supportive wives in our group and I hope they all know how special they are.

Maya was also there and it was so nice to see her. She has had a lot going on in her life so she has not been out as much, she use to be one of our every Friday night girls so I really enjoyed seeing her again and getting a chance to talk to her. I hope she can get out more on Friday nights with us again. Got to talk to Cassandra a bit and hear about her and Peggy’s vacation. Seems they had a great time and some good stories so I am still waiting for her to post some of the pictures as it seems they had some interesting obstacles pop up.

Jan and Lynn were also here and we got a chance to talk. Two weeks ago we ran into each other out in public (Jan and I were both in boy mode). I have seen Jan in boy mode but they have never seen me that way and I don’t know why but I went up and talked to them so they have not seen Susan looking unfeminine. I have made some really good friends in the group and as such feel so comfortable with them that I am becoming more willing to open my whole life. It started with Cassandra & Peggy when we went to Diva Las Vegas and they met the boy side of me. They are truly awesome friends and more like family (Sisters) and as time go by I am feeling that way about more of the group. This group is really more family then just friends and has made a world of difference for Susan. Two years ago I would have said I would never share both side of me with people but things change and we all grow. I hope everyone in the group and those I have met along the way know how much they mean to me. Oops I got a little carried away.

I played some pool and won the first 3 games in a row before losing, in all it was a good night as I won 4 and lost 3 so I had a better win record than loss which for me is really good. I almost stopped when I had won the first 3 just so I could say I played and never lost but it was a really fun night.

The show was good and they had a few new performers which is nice as it was something new and some of the drag queens even had some new songs. Chiffon did a couple new songs and she is really good. She was the one who did my makeup for the T-girl pageant and did an awesome job. I think she is one of the best if not the best performers as she always looks like she is having so much fun on stage.

We left about 1 am before the show was over but it was a fun night and nice to be back at Embers. We have had some issues there but you can have that anyplace you go so like anything you have to look at all things and see if the issues are more than the positive. If there are still enough positive reasons to go than you should and I think we will still be going to Embers from time to time but we still plan on rotating to the different places as change is good and one does not get board or into a routine as that is a sure way of losing interest. Any way have a great week and I will post again soon.

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