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Out at Starbucks again.

Well it is Wednesday and you know where Susan is. My schedule is settling back down after several weeks of odd ball shifts which is nice as I can once again plan for my Susan time. It is also nice as the weather was cooler today, we have had 5 days in a row that were 95 or higher and today it was only 79 which I like better as I can go outside and not sweat to death.

I have gotten a couple e-mails asking why I go to Starbucks all the time on Wednesday night so I thought I would address this in my blog. I can see where it seems like doing the same old thing and I guess to a point it is. The main reason is I only have a couple hours that I can be out and it is convenient for me. It also gives me the chance to catch up on e-mails and some work that I would normally just be sitting at home doing. Going out anyplace even the same place where there are other people is way better than just sitting at home. I see a few people every week but for the most part it is different people who come in so I get to also do a little people watching which is something I like to do anyway. Also there are fewer distractions here as there is no TV that I might be tempted to turn on which makes it easier to focus on what I am doing.

Now granted it would be so much fun to go over to Portland and meet up with my friends who go out every Wednesday night but I know that if I did I would stay out way too late and at my age Susan needs her beauty sleep. You see I have to get up way to early (4:30 am) to go to work. Starbuck’s closes at 9 so even if I stop to do a little shopping on the way home I am always home and in bed by 10 pm which gives me a good 6 hours. If I went to meet my friends I know they stay out to at least midnight and then so would I. I would never be able to get up for work. So Friday night is my night with friends and Wednesday is Susan’s quiet time to relax. It really is most enjoyable. Besides Starbuck’s is a really nice place to go for some alone time or just to chat with friends. A couple of the girls from my group have come over and joined me here which is always so fun as we can relax and catch up on some girl talk.

Well this Friday we are going to Embers, it has been several weeks so it will be nice to be back there. They really do put on a good show but going as often as we were it got a little old as we saw the same things over and over again. Kind of like eating the same thing every night, no matter how much you like it you want a little variety plus I like going to new places, ones that don’t necessarily cater to the GLBT crowd as I think this is a good way to meet new people who might never meet transgender people and help bridge the gap between us. I really believe once they meet us, and get to know us most will at least be tolerant if not accepting, I may be in a dream world but I can hope.

Anyway must catch up on some e-mails now so I will sign off. Hope everyone has a great week.


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  1. You are a great inspiration to all us sissy crossdressers

    Comment by Sissy boy | September 15, 2010 | Reply

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