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Shopping downtown Portland

Well I got up early today and decided to go shopping at Pioneer Place in downtown Portland. It has been many years sense I was there so I thought it a good place to go. The other reason for going here is I wanted to ride the Max downtown and see how that was as I have never rode it before plus I didn’t want to deal with parking downtown. I got all ready and was out the door by 9:30 and my first stop was at an ATM as I figured I should have a little more cash as I would be miles from my car. There was a Fred Meyers next to the bank so I went in there to look around for a little bit and checked out their makeup section, I need some new nails and I am having a hard time finding ones that will fit me. I didn’t find any so I was out and on my way.

I drove to the Gateway Transit center and park in the parking garage. I had about a block walk to where you catch the Max Train and I bought my ticket, I bought an all day as it was only a little more than buying two one way tickets and sense I have never rode the Max I figured this was better in case I made a mistake and got off at the wrong spot or even got on the wrong train. Now I was standing on the platform with about 20 other people. The trains run every 15 minutes so I only had to wait a few minutes before one came by. The Max was not that crowded and I found a seat and I was off. It takes about 20 minutes or so to go from Gateway to Pioneer Place with several stops along the way. As the Max pulled away I knew there was no turning back. By the time we got downtown there were a lot more people on the Max car as I guess they all had the same idea I did. They have a Max stop right at Pioneer place which was nice as I got off and went right inside and didn’t have to walk in the heat as it was almost 90 by this time.

Pioneer Place Mall covers 3 city blocks and is 5 and 6 stories high. The ground floor which is really below ground lets you walk between them without having to go outside which with the heat was nice. The selection of stores I did not think was that good but then again this shopping trip was about being out and the fact I was miles away from my car with the only way back being ridding the Max Train back was fun. I browsed through several of the stores looking at shoes and clothes. I was a good girl though and didn’t buy anything, actually nothing really jumped out at me and said buy me. It was about 1:30 when I decided it was time to go and I went outside to where I got off the train and looked at the board. I discovered that this was the west bound stop and the East bound stop was one block over so I walked around the block and there were probably 40 people waiting for the train. So there we all stood trying to stay in the shade. I must have just missed the Max train as we stood there for a good 15 minutes, seems longer but then it was really hot. When the Max got there it was full but people still got on so I did the same. There were no open seats and people standing shoulder to shoulder, talk about being up-close and personal. I was a little nervous and kept a really tight grip on my purse as in a crowed like this one has to be extra careful. It stayed like this till we got to Lloyd Center as that is as far as you can go without paying, yes you can ride the Max downtown for free I found out. There were still no open seats but at least we were more spread out standing. Also with all those people on the max their air conditioning could just not keep up.

At the Lloyd Center stop I almost got off to go do some more shopping but the stop is a couple blocks away and I was already hot and didn’t want to sweat more of my face off so I just went back to the Gateway transit center. When I got in my car I went ahead and drove down to Lloyd Center and went into Sears to see if they had anything new in their mark down racks but again found nothing I really wanted. I made a quick trip though the mall and then I was off again. On the way home I was hungry so I stopped at Wendy’s for something to eat. Again I picked Wendy’s as it has been a long time sense I have been to one as they do not have one close to my house. I had my computer with me so as I eat I am typing out my blog. I will have to finish later and post as they do not have WI-FI. Well I must be on my way home now. I may try to go out tonight for a bit, Must check my group to see if any of the other girls will be out. If so I my try to meet up with them. Stay cool as it is really hot outside. The sign across from Wendy’s is reading 98 right now which is just too hot for this girl. good thing Wendy’s is air conditioned.

Well i did go down to Fox & Hound aboutb 8 and Cristine & Bobbie were there so we played some pool and had a great time. I had hoped more girls from the group would be there but it was still a lot of fun. I lost the first few games I played but then I won a few in a row so it was all good. It was a fun night.

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Back at Candlelight again

Well it was so hot on Friday and I got home from work late so my evening was a little rushed but what is a girl to do. Some of our group is out of town so I wasn’t sure how many girls would be out but it was the week we were going back to the Candlelight. It has been a 4 weeks sense we were there last so I was looking forward to it. As I said I was a little late and didn’t get there till 8 pm. Cristine, Amy and Mia were there already. We went inside and got our table. There were only a couple people there at this time.

I ordered their fish and chips as I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten most of the day and we all sat and talked. The band was already setting up. By 9:30 when the band started to play there were more people. Several of the regulars came over and talked to us a few even asked where we had been and I told them the owners had asked us to come a little less frequent. They thought that was stupid which we all agreed with.

Joan showed up a little later and joined us for a while but she didn’t stay to long. So in the end it was really just the 4 of us but we did have a good time. It was nice to be back plus it also let them know we would be back from time to time. For once Amy and Mia were the last to leave. They actually started to leave several times and then would go out on the dance floor and dance more so in the end Cristine and I left first about 12:30 am. Not as late of a night but with the long day and the hot weather it was late enough.

Saturday it turns out I have off so I am planning on going shopping and may go to Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland. It has been many years sense I was there last so should be fun. I will be sure and blog about this too.

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