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Sunday shopping trip

Well Sunday I made it out for a day of shopping. I left home about 3pm and headed out. There is a good shopping center off 185 and HWY 26 that has some store I like. My first stop was at Famous Foot wear as I wanted to look at shoes. I found a couple really cute pair but they were too small. It is sad how all the cute shoes are for smaller feet. From here I walked up to Ross and spent some time looking around. Found a few things but nothing I couldn’t live without. My next stop was Old Navy, not a big fan of them but hey they were there and so was I so I figured I could at least look after all it was about being out shopping and not what I would buy. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time here before moving on to Best Buy. A fun place to look around, I checked out all the computers, printers, cameras and even the programs. I probably spent the most time here. My next stop was at Target. I started off in the clothes section and then moved on to shoes, intimate apparel and then finally over to the cosmetic section. I spent a good 45 minutes here before leaving. Once outside I had to walk the whole length of the shopping center as I had parked at the far end but it was nice out and made for a nice walk.

It was almost 6 pm now and I was hungry so I went to Burger King and went in to eat. I was surprised how few people were inside, just 3 plus me. The drive through though always had cars in it so I guess everyone just wanted to go home and eat, but for me it was about being out.

My next stop was Barnes & Noble as I find this a nice place to spend some time. they have seating areas and you can sit and read books which is a very relaxing way to spend some time while mingling with the other people shopping. It was about 8:30 when I left Barnes & Noble and made my way towards home. I decided to make a quick trip through downtown Portland as I had seen a Starbucks by Pioneer Court House Square that is open till midnight, turns out on Sunday just to 11 pm but still worked for me.

The one reason I have not gone to this one is parking well tonight I found a spot only two blocks away so I parked and made my way there. For a Sunday they are really busy, I had to stand in line to get my drink. Most people are getting them to go so seating was okay and I found a table. So now I am enjoying a relaxing drink and playing on my computer. It has been a fun afternoon and evening.

I am so close to CC Slaughters and trying to decide if I should stop in and see what is going on. No one in the group posted they would be there and I do have to get up tomorrow at 6 am so I know if I go there and find friends from the group there I will stay so I guess it is better not to tempt myself so I think I will just tell myself no one is there and go home. My schedule this week is a little messed up but I may be able to get out Tuesday evening. If so I will Blog again then. If not then it will be Friday. I think we may go to the Candlelight again as it has been a four weeks sense we were there last. A few of the girls in the group are out of town this week so it may be a small turnout but I will try to get as many as I can to go out. Well I have a few e-mails to get to and then must get home to bed. Hope you all have a great week.


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  1. Love to read your blogs and wish I could be out with you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by alicegreen | August 8, 2010 | Reply

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