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Relaxing evening at Starbucks

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s tonight. It has been a long week so far as we are short handed at work and I have worked some long hours. I was also a little nervous (stressed) at work this week after basically running into a co-worker while out Monday Shopping. I know she didn’t get a good look at me because I saw her first and turned away but it is strange how your mind works. I never saw her again in the mall after that brief encounter but the more I thought about it I pictured her following me in the mall without me seeing her so the last couple days I have waited for her to say something. I know it is all in my mind but so strange the thoughts that just pop into your head. I have talked to her several times at work and she acts no different so everything is fine. Well enough of that.

Today was such a nice day and Starbucks is pretty quiet tonight especially after Monday. None of the regular girls I have met are working tonight so it was like the first time I came here and for the first time there is a guy working here tonight. Up till now all I have ever seen were women so I really thought they had no male employee’s. But as usual they were both really nice and treated me like any other customer. Starbucks really has some great employee’s.

I had a chance to chat online with Michelle; she belongs to our t-girl group here in Portland although I have never had the chance to meet her. She does not get out much and not on the same nights I do. We had a good chat and got to know each other a little. Who know maybe we will both be able to be out the same night sometime and get to meet in person.

It looks like with my schedule messed up the next couple weeks I should actually be able to get out more as I will be working a little later in the day and not have to get up so early. I will of course be out on Friday night again. Not sure where we will be as we are looking at different places to go. The group still wants to go out as a group but we realize how that can impact a place if we suddenly go there all the time so we are planning on having several places and rotate through them so we are not such a big impact, kind of spreading the love instead of smothering one place. We have had several ideas some are GBLT clubs, some are GBLT friendly and some are just plain straight clubs. I know going to a straight club is a little more intimidating for some but I really like it as it gives us a chance to meet people who might never come in contact with us and get to know each other and help bridge the gap between us. Well where ever we end up you know it will be in my blog. Well I have some work to catch up on and e-mails to answer so I will sign off for now. Have a great rest of the week! J


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