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Quick little shopping trip

Well as I said my schedule is messed up for the next few weeks because of vacations at work so I found myself off today and decided it was a good day for a quick shopping trip. I went to Lloyd Center as It usually is not very crowded plus I don’t know anyone who lives in the area so less chance of running into someone I know. I got there right after 10 am and parked by Nordstrom’s as I need some more foundation and the only thing I can find that gives me good coverage is MAC Studio Fix. Now my plan was to walk the mall and do some shopping, probably mostly window shopping but still fun so I would get my foundation on the way out so I just walked through Nordstrom’s and out into the mall. As I thought it was not really that crowded.

I walked all the way to the other end to Sears as this way I could shop my way back. Sears always has clearance racks and you can usually find some good deals. As I was browsing the racks there were several other women also looking for deals and they seemed to pay me no attention. I found some cute tops but none in my size and also a really cute skirt but the same problem so I went over and started checking out the regular racks, a little more money but hey it doesn’t hurt to look. I turned to look at another rack and I saw a lady I work with and her Sister (who I don’t know as well) looking at the clothes. I quickly turned the other way and went to the next rack over. I don’t know if I was really scared or just startled by them but either way I kept my distance. After about 5 minutes they moved off and left Sears and I had the chance to look around some more. When I was done and ready to walk back down the mall I thought again that I know they are someplace in the mall so I would have to really pay attention as I did not want to be surprised again and maybe walk right into them.

I walked back down the mall to Torrid’s which I have shopped before, they tend to cater to the plus size women and so most things will fit me. I spent about 10 minutes in here mostly looking at their jewelry as the last time I was there they had the bangle bracelets I like. The sales lady Asked if I needed any help and I said no but we ended up talking about the bracelets. I picked out a really nice set of gold ones to buy. The sales lady told me they were a buy one get one half price so I went ahead and bought a second set of silver bracelets.

Once again I was out in the mall and still on the lookout for the lady I work with. I made it back down to Nordstrom’s and went to the MAC counter to get my foundation. The sales lady was very nice and even gave me some advice; she told me I could go a little darker foundation during the summer if I wanted. I thought about it but went with what I know works for me. Who knows I may go back and get a little darker at some point in the future? It was almost noon by now and I had been there for almost two hours so I decided to leave. I never did see the lady I work with and I am almost positive she never looked at me so I am okay but what a rush. Who would have thought I would run into someone I know on a Monday.

Well on my way home I was not ready to be all done so I stopped at the Starbuck’s I go to on Wednesday evenings so I can update my blog. I was shocked how busy they are. There is only one table inside, right by the window in the sun which is where I am sitting now and 5 of the six tables outside are full. I am guessing 20 people outside and at least that many inside. Again who would think on a Monday afternoon they would be this busy. But it is still a fun way to pass a couple hours. Well I need to catch up on my e-mails. I will be out this Wednesday again here at Starbuck’s and I will post more than. Have a great week. J

Oh my God I cannot believe my luck. A lady I use to work with and her husband just walked into the Starbucks and are at the counter 5 feet from me. She quit about 3 months ago so I haven’t seen her sense then but I know them both pretty well as I have been to several parties at their house. I never even thought about it but they only live about 4 miles from here. Luckily they are facing the counter and not me. I am okay as with the way I am sitting my hair covers most of my face. I felt so much better once they left till they sat at the only open table right outside the door and our facing the door. I am stuck as I would have to walk right towards them to leave which would give them a pretty good look at me so I guess I will spend a little more time here than I planned. The good thing is the windows are a little tinted so I can see out better than they can see in. Well I guess I will get another drink and get back to my e-mails.

Well Katie came into work today which was so nice as I have not seen her in over a month. She really startled me as I did not see her walk up just heard her say how nice I looked today. As I looked up I thought it was going to be the lady I worked with, my heart almost stopped till I saw it was Katie. She is working some evenings again so hopefully I will see her more. I asked about Shavonie and she told me she had left, she moved over to Beaverton as her dad was needing help. Well it has been almost an hour and the lady I worked with and her husband just left so I can now safely leave and head home. What a fun day and to run into people I know at two different places miles apart. What are the odds on that, it may be a while before I try going out on a Monday again but then it is really rare I have one off work.


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