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Friday night at Easy Street

Well another Friday night out and I was so ready for it. My work has me really busy right now so it is harder for me to find Susan time. I was unable to get out this last week and I really missed my quiet evening at Starbuck’s. the next two weeks will really be off as of covering vacations even my days will change but on a bright note I have Monday off this week and think I will go shopping as I need some more makeup and maybe a cute new skirt for summer.

Well as I said I was out again and we all tried a new place called Easy Street Saloon (6618 SE Powell Blvd Portland Oregon 97206). After having the little issue at the Candlelight we started to think. Don’t get me wrong we have the right to go and be any place but we also realized that a huge group (sometimes 20 or 25) all going to one place on a regular basis does kind of take over a place and my look like we are just moving in and pushing the others out which is not what we want. We want to be part of the regular group and help bridge the gap. After all if we just take over the place then it is no different than CC Slaughter’s and Embers. The last thing we want is to chase people away as that could cause resentment.

So over the last few weeks we have been coming up with different places we could go, some of the girls Cassandra, Cristine have talked and checked out some of them to see what they thought of us dropping in, Thanks girls for the leg work. So Friday night we picked Easy Street as our first new place. It is a new place and just starting out so they are trying to build business which is good for us. It is more of what I would call a neighborhood bar as they really don’t have a lot of parking which if they are successful could be a problem but other than that it is a really nice place. They do have a band that comes in (I think on weekends only) but two of the band members were sick so there was no band Friday. The staff was just awesome, two very cute and friendly girls and they would come around and see how we were and if we needed anything, great service. The inside is very clean (still new); they have video games and a pool table. Just a really nice place. I would highly recommend you check them out if you are in the area or just looking for a nice place to go it is worth the drive. One last thing prices are really good also, probably better than most places I have been to.

We had a pretty big group as I lost count but would guess 15 or maybe a little more. The customers that were there either didn’t seem to mind us or just didn’t care. We had a really nice evening, some played pool and the rest of us just talked. Later in the evening The Bar tender (Debbie, Hope I got her name right) brought out a blue tote with big wood blocks in it. It was a huge jenga game which I have not played for many years. We all had a great time playing the game and several of the other customers came over and watched from time to time. I lost the first and last game but it was fun. Even a couple who lived in the neighborhood (Erin & Dale) joined in with us to play. They live just a couple blocks away and had been walking their dog and saw us inside so they came back. They were really awesome and had a great time with us. They told us that Easy Street had just opened under new owners and were just starting out and invited us to come back which was really nice. It was a really fun evening. I am sure we will go back but like I said maybe not every week.

Next Friday we are looking at a couple other places and probably won’t decide till later in the week, after all we only decided on East Street on Thursday. Where ever we go I will give a review but for now I would give Easy Street two thumbs up and recommended it to anyone. Well must go for now as I have to go to work later today and have things to take care of. I will post again later after my shopping on Monday. Have a great weekend all. J

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