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Saturday night at Harvey’s comedy club

Well Saturday night I made it out which was nice as I did not make it out on Friday. I went downtown to Embers and met up with a bunch of my friends. Cassandra and Kelly both got ticket to the 10 pm show at Harvey’s Comedy club. We have gone there before and had an awesome time. We spent about an hour at Embers talking and met a new t-girl (Samoan); she lives in Seattle but is thinking about moving to Portland and was in town this weekend checking things out. It was nice to get to know her and sense we had some extra tickets we invited her to go with us to Harvey’s.

We left Embers about 8:50 and walked the 6 blocks to Harvey’s. It was a nice evening to walk downtown Portland as it was still in the low 80’s with a slight breeze but very pleasant. It was so fun to have 12 of us walking down the street. When we got to Harvey’s there was a good crowd standing in line to get tickets but sense we had ours we went inside and got some tables right by the door so we would be the first ones in this way we could all sit together. While we were standing in line Cassandra got to talk to a couple sitting next to us. It just amazes me how she can just go up to anyone and strike up a conversation.

The show was really good, they had two comedians. They were both really good but I think the first was the best which seems strange as he was the opening act for the main comedian. They both performed for almost an hour each so it was really good. This is the second time I have been to Harvey’s and both times was great, if you have never been there you really should go and check them out.

We got out of the show just before midnight and walked back to Embers as we had all parked there. It was still warm out and a very enjoyable walk. By the time we got back to Embers it was late and sense I had been up sense early Saturday morning I decided to go home. Most of the girls went down to CC Slaughters. It was a really fun night and a big thanks to Cassandra and Kelly for getting the tickets. You two rock.

We are still looking for some more mainstream places to go as it is really fun to be out with the general public and interacting with them and it also help to bridge the gap between us and help us gain more acceptance.

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