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Wednesday 7-21-2010 @ Starbuck’s

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s this week. It seems as summer moves along I am getting busier and busier. Don’t get me wrong, Susan really likes the summer and the warm weather but along with it my male side gets way to busy. The next month will be so busy. This week I will not be able to go out Friday night with my friends (may try Saturday if I can change some things around) and next week no Starbucks as I have to work late that night. As a matter of fact I will have to work every other Wednesday for the next several weeks. Makes Susan sad but work must come first as that is how Susan pays her bills and buys her cute outfits and that means less Susan time for a while.

Well when I got to Starbucks they were really busy, probably the busiest I have seen them. All 4 tables outside were full and almost all the tables inside, I had to sit at the disabled table as it was the only one open. Shavonie must be off tonight as Jenny and another girl who I have met before but am horrible with names were working. Both are really friendly also and asked how my day was. We chatted while they made my drink. I have done my usual catching up on e-mails and now taking a break to update my blog. The one good thing about being so busy is I also have not had time to go grocery shopping so as I did two weeks ago I plan on stopping at Safeway on my way home and picking up some things I need. It will help make up for being out less.

This Friday our T-girl group will be back at Embers (for the next 3 Friday’s) to give the Candlelight a rest from us. We are doing this for a couple reasons. First sense they did ask respectfully for us to cut back I think it only fair to honor their request. This will do a couple things, one hopefully their revenue will drop so they see we are a valuable customer and hopefully show we were not the reason their revenue is down. It also shows we are respectful and really want to work with them for a solution that works for everyone. It will also be interesting to see how some of the people we have met at the Candlelight react to us being gone, some of them have been really supportive and actually look forward to us being there, who knows maybe they will say something to the owner about us being gone. But whatever happens I really think it is important that we remain calm and reasonable and come across that way. The last thing we should do is raise a big stink as that would make us look bad. The last point is the fact when we moved there it was as a group, we would have 10 to 20 t-girls there on a Friday night and that may have been a little too much too fast. I mean if it was the other way and a large group who didn’t share what we believe came to Embers every week all of a sudden we would feel the same and be uncomfortable and may even make a comment to the owner. People are protective of their territory and change never comes easy.

Well Starbucks has emptied out and now there are only a couple other people inside (more outside at the tables now) and is pretty quiet. I must finish up some work before they close so will sign off now. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

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