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Hot Day at Starbucks

Well we have finally got our summer as today was 95 out. Susan is enjoying the sunshine but would be nice to be a little cooler but I will take the heat over the rain any day. The drive to Starbucks was hot as it took a while to get my car cooled off as hot as it is out. I was worried my makeup would be ruined before I could get my car cooled off but as it turned out my makeup was fine. As normal I came to Starbuck’s again tonight to catch up on some work and have some Susan time. I was amazed at how busy they were but then again it is air conditioned hear so a nice place to beat the heat. Shavonie and jenny are both working and greeted me when I came in. Such a nice feeling.

Shavonie and I talked for a while as she made my drink. I really look forward to our little chats. It is all part of the experience of coming here. For these few hours I am Susan and it is so relaxing.

I still get e-mails from people who can’t understand how I can spend time as Susan and not want to be her full time. For some reason it seems a lot of people have an all or nothing attitude about this. I try to explain that I enjoy and like both sides of my life and I am just as happy in my male side. I know I could never quit being Susan and in the same way I could never quit being my male self, both are a huge part of my life. To me it is so clear and makes total sense. I guess the best way to explain would be to think of your favorite food and then imagine eating only them for the rest of your life or pick out your favorite shoes, dress or shirt and then never wearing anything else. Every one needs a little variety in their life and for me it is Susan and my male side. Both equally important and both side make me who I am. Susan has an impact on my male life the same way my male side impacts Susan. For me without both sides I would not be the person I am. I hope this helps clear up some of the questions you may have about me. again this is why I cross-dress, I know there are as many reasons as there are t-girl for why people dress and my reasons are no more or less important than anyone else’s. We are all different but also the same.

Well Friday night we will all once again meet at the Candlelight bar & grill. We have had some fun times there and everyone seems so nice and I think they are all comfortable with us now as they have gotten to know us. I have met so many nice people and feel bad as I am so bad with names. I really must try to remember them all but it is hard when you meet so many in such a short time and only see them once a week. I think the plan is to meet there early for dinner and pool before it gets so crowded. I really hope they have got their air conditioner fixed as Friday should be 96 out. Even the last few weeks when it was in the upper 60’s it was still hot inside and we would go outside to cool off. I think I will have to wear something cool and cute, maybe my white skirt and a cute top, well I have tomorrow to figure that out.

As hot as it was today I did not want to be outside so on the way home tonight I need to stop for gas and some groceries. I never try to shop during the hot part of the day as I am worried the cold stuff (milk) will not survive the time in a really hot car plus it give me an excuse to go shopping as Susan which is always fun. Well I will post again after Friday night.

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