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Starbucks on a sunny Wednesday evening

Well I have made it out again to Starbucks, I had hoped to go out last Saturday night but things came up and I never made it out which is okay as Several of the girls were out of town so I don’t think many were out. Still it would have been nice. I am already looking forward to this weekend as we should have a big group of us out at the Candle light again. It is such a friendly place but gets really crowded. The nice part of that is you end up close to the other people at tables near you so it makes it easy to talk. It also looks like I will be able to go out this Saturday also as I don’t have to work which is so nice. I think everyone will be at Embers so I will get to watch part of the show.

Well Starbucks was pretty empty when I first got here but it is filling up, looks like I got here just before the rush so I have a good table. I thought about sitting outside but there were already people at the tables out there plus I would have no way to plug my computer in and on battery I only get about 1 ¼ hours so that would have made my evening shorter and I would not have been able to get everything done.

Well I will post more this weekend and hopefully have some new pictures, I took my camera last week and found out only after I got there my batteries were dead. I plan on stopping at the store on my way home tonight to pick some up. 

Have a great rest of the week J


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