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Friday night at the candle light

Well Susan was out again of Friday night. The weather was just perfect. I got all dressed up in my white skirt I had bought for the Las Vegas trip; it is so cute and perfect for summer. I got to the candle light room about 7:30 and a couple of the other girls were just getting out of their cars, what great timing. We all met at the front door and walked in together. Cassandra, Roxy, Cristine and I talked for a bit trying to decide if we should sit inside or outside as it was so nice. We settled on going inside as there was a little bit of a wind and we didn’t want to mess up our hair, we are such girls. We found a table over by the pool tables and sat down. It wasn’t long and we all ordered some food, I skipped dinner as I really wanted their fish & chips. They are so good.

As normal on Friday others started to show up and our group grew. Amy and Mia, Peggy, Barb, Marla, Jan & Lyn, Buffy, Siobhan, & Kelly, what a fun group. We played some pool; I only played 1 game and lost but came close to winning. We were both on the 8 ball but I missed my shot and they didn’t. The Candle Light is a really friendly place and the people there are just great. I even got to meet the owner and his girlfriend. They are awesome; his girlfriend kept bringing people she knew over to introduce them to us. I met so many new people last night I wouldn’t even be able to come close to remembering their names.

Some of the girls were out dancing and having a great time while some were playing pool and the rest of us talking. Being a small place it keeps you all together as the dance floor is on 20 feet or so from the pool table. This one older lady at the table next to us kept looking at me and finally came over and told me how much she liked my top and we talked for a few minutes. She was at the table next to us with some of her family and they were all so nice. Cassandra was the first to go and talk to them, she is really good about starting up conversations with people she doesn’t know anyway soon they had us all come over so they could meet us all. They were totally cool with us. Let me see I think their names were Joel and his wife Vicki and Elisea. We talked with them on and off the whole night.

Being a smaller place it does get warm inside, there was a breeze though so with the front and back door open it wasn’t as hot as last week but I still needed to get some fresh air so Peggy and I went out back to cool off and there were all kinds of people outside and they were so nice. Several GG’s came over and talked to us and they all said how beautiful I was which made me feel great as a girl always like to be told she is beautiful. A couple were pretty hammered and I doubt they will even remember talking to me but it was still so much fun. Back inside Cassandra had found her game and had now won several games of pool in a row.

They had a different jazz group from last week; they have different ones each night so you get a good mix of music which is also nice. I still like Embers but you see pretty much the same show every time you are there so after a while you get a little board. Got a little of track there as I said they had good music but just a little louder than last week so talking was a little harder. Also being crowded several drinks got spilled as the tables are really narrow and with all our purses piled up like a mountain well those things happen. One of the girls knocked over Siobhan’s cosmopolitan and some of it went on my white skirt. As a guy this would not have fazed me but as Susan I was up and off to clean it right away. I am sure Alice knows how this is as I knocked over a wine once when I was out with her and she got some on her. Anyway It looks like I got it all out and everything is fine. She was so sorry for knocking it over I really felt bad for her as it really was no big thing as these things happen.

Well as the night wound down and people started to leave I was amazed at how many came by and said goodnight to us. I just can’t get over how friendly the people are there. Elisea the girl from the next table asked us if we would be back next week and we all said yes. It turns out this was her first time there and she said she wants to come back next week if we will be there. How cool is that. I want to thank the owner and his girlfriend for being so great; they have done a great job making the Candle Light a fun friendly place to go. A lot of the people there were the same as last week so you get to know people. I guess it kind of reminds me of the bar Cheers in then TV show, a place where everyone knows your name as several people I met last week remembered me and even my name. I am going to have to really make an effort to learn their names which will be hard as I am terrible at remembering names. Any way we are already planning on being there again next Friday night, can’t wait.

Saturday I have some things I have to take care of in the early afternoon but may try to get out for a little shopping or something Saturday night. I would go to Embers but several of the girls are going up to Seattle Saturday afternoon so they can be there Sunday for their Pride parade so I don’t think anyone will be out tonight. Oh well will see what I can do. It is strange to have a Saturday evening free and with the holiday next week I should also have next Saturday free also.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week, bye. J


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  1. Hey Susan- i canna remember but did you take any pictures of me last nite or were those all taken with Cassandras camera? i’m thinking the latter.

    Ye know it was sort of a fun nite for me too.



    Comment by Siobhan Coughlan | June 26, 2010 | Reply

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