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Saturday shopping

Well I did make it out a few hours this morning for some shopping. I hit a few stores and looked around. I even went to a beauty supply on MLK Boulevard and looked at some wigs. The lady there was really nice and helpful. I then went to Starbuck on Broadway and spent an hour or so on my computer. It was a short outing but fun.

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Friday night at the Candlelight

Well Friday night Susan got all dressed up and went downtown Portland to try a new place called the Candlelight lounge. I got there about 7:30 and there was all kinds of parking right in front which is so nice. When I got inside Cassandra, Cristine, Veronica, Barb and Candy were already there having dinner. It was not very crowded yet so I sat joined them. Their food smelled so go even though I had already eaten I went ahead and ordered their 4 piece fish and chips, Barb said she would help me east it. The staff all seemed so nice and friendly they even came out and talked with us. The girls were right the fish was awesome and at a good price too. We played pool alas we ate and also had a chance to talk.

About 8:30 the band showed up and started to set up. They have a different Jazz group each night, tonight was Lisa Mann. About 9 people started to show up and as this place is small it didn’t take long to fill up and soon it was standing room only. There was a wide mix of people but mostly looked like college kids. Soon the list to play pool was 10 or more names. Everyone was so friendly and treated us great. My first game of pool I won without ever sinking a ball as Candy scratched the 8 ball, thanks Candy. I played 5 or 6 games throughout the night and won 3 which was not bad for me.

The only down side being so small it got pretty warm inside and I had to go outside a couple times to cool off. I talked with so many people way more than at Embers as they would come right up and start a conversation with you. Robin & Jackie a couple GG’s came over and talked to us a few times and were just so awesome. Jackie even dragged me out on the dance floor for a dance and then I danced with Robin. She was so nice and didn’t care how bad I danced. She even gave me some pointers on dancing not that my hips can move like hers. The music was really good and not to loud which makes for a nice atmosphere. In all it was a really fun night and I would recommend the Candlelight to everyone. It is a nice friendly neighborhood place.

I think we will be going back there more and next time I will not eat first, their fish is so good. I got home about 1:40 and went right to bed as I plan to get up and go shopping Saturday morning. Just want a little more time as Susan plus I need a few things. Have a great weekend all. J

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