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Susan is out again

Well it is Wednesday night by now you should all know where Susan is, yes at Starbuck’s. I was trying to remember how long I have been coming to this particular Starbuck’s. Seems I came here a couple time back in the fall of 2009 when the one I had been going to was doing a remodel and seemed to like this one better. I think mainly because I got to know the girls who work here, who by the way are great. Looking back through my blogs seems I started to come to this one every week sometime in November and have been here almost every week sense. Katie is still here but she is going to an earlier shift soon so I probably won’t see her (or at least as often). Shavonie I guess is staying but has been working different days, but when Katie goes to the earlier shift Shavonie will be back on Wednesday nights. The new girl that is working now on Wednesday nights name is Jenny and she is also really nice. They are all so great with all the customers. I really hope Starbuck’s knows how great their employees are. They are the main reason I come back every week.

Well any way when I got here tonight they were again busy with only a couple tables open. I got my drink and set up my computer. I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on and even though it is work doing it here as Susan almost seems like play. It is so strange as I really don’t mind doing extra work as long as I am Susan. It took me almost an hour to get through all my e-mails and answer the ones I needed to take care of so now I am taking a little break and updating my blog before I start my work. It should not take that long tonight though.

I am hoping to go out shopping again Saturday afternoon if things work out. I won’t be out Friday night as I have to work. A bunch of the girls from the group I belong to are going to try a new place Friday night instead of Embers, widening our list of places we can go. A couple of them went there for dinner last Friday and it seemed really positive so I really look forward to hearing all about it and if we start going there from time to time I hope to get the chance. It is called the Candlelight Room and has a pool table and a band after 9 and no cover charge. It will be nice to have a new place to go, don’t get me wrong as I like Embers but a girl needs a little change every once in a while.

I am not sure where I will go shopping but I would like to hit a couple wig shops as I would like to find a wig like the one I wore in the Pageant that Maya loaned me. Who knows I may even buy a second wig with a different look and color. Change can be good. Other than that I think I will just be out and about looking, of course if I find something cute and priced right you know I will have to buy it. Well I should get back to work now. Hope everyone has a great week.



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