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Embers with friends

Well I made it out this Friday. The weather was nice and the sun was even out which is a big change as it has rained for 20 days straight. It made it nice to walk the block to Embers in the warm weather. There was no body at Embers when I got there so I picked out a table and sat down. I was only there about 10 minutes before the girls started to show up. I wasn’t sure how many would be out but we had a good group again. We sat and talked for a while before we moved up by the pool table.

Now this is the ship week of Rose Festival so there are Navy ships in town and Sailors walking around. Some of the girls thought this was so great and wanted to meet some of the sailors. When they would walk by they would run out and talk to them. The strange part is they were almost always the shore patrol. They always stopped and talked too. None of the sailors came in though.

I played a couple games of pool but didn’t win any, came close one. I got a chance to meet a new t-girl, Katie. She came in and came up where we were to play pool. I got a chance to talk to her for a while and she seems really nice. It was nice to get to know her and I hope she comes out again. She also won several games of pool while she was there.

We also watched some of the Drag show and it was good, there was a pretty good crowd there till about 11 when it started to thin out a little. They had some new drag queens there which was nice to see some new performances. We even played a few games of 3 ball which I have never, didn’t win this either. Later a couple GG’s came up and played pool with us for a while and we had a chance to talk with them. They were really nice and not bad at pool. In all it was a fun night and we didn’t leave till after 1:30.


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