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Out again at Starbucks

Well I made it to Starbucks just a little later than normal as I got off work late. They were pretty busy tonight and there was only one table open, the disabled table which I try never to take but as I had no choice I did. I guess I can move to another table at some point if one opens. I have a lot of work and e-mails to catch up on tonight so I will keep my post brief.

It has been a long week and I so need my Susan time. I can’t tell you how relaxing it is to get away from my normal life and just be Susan. I never get tired of it. I plan on being out again this Friday as these are the two days a week I can get out and I know as the summer gets busier it will be harder and harder to get out. Just too many things going on during the summer. I did have fun last Saturday going out in the morning and early afternoon shopping. I hope to do that again in a couple weeks if things work out. I may try going to Washington Square or Clackamas Town Center. It would be fun to shop the mall. I also want to go see a movie again and there are a few coming out that I am wanting to see. It is strange how the most simple, normal things are so much more fun and enjoyable as Susan. Even sitting here doing work I am enjoying it.

The weather has been so rainy and cool for so long Susan is wishing for some nice summer weather soon. I would also like to spend time outside. This has to be the worst spring we have had. Everyone hope for some sun shine and warm weather.


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  1. Hi Susan,
    Funny how I look forward to your post from Starbucks…it’s almost like I know the people there! I agree, girl time is so relaxing and such an escape even if only for a few hours. Movies are fun…my first (on purpose) was “La Gage”. It felt so right to see it en femme.
    Enjoy your shopping.

    Comment by Sarah Allen | June 3, 2010 | Reply

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