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Saturday shopping

Well I have finished my shopping as I need to get home and changed for work tonight but it has been a fun day. As you know from my earlier post I started off at Starbuck’s by Tanasbourne Center. Great place and very friendly. I dressed casual as I want to blend in as much as possible, so I wore my Capri jeans and pink top and the black wig I borrowed from Maya for the T-girl Pageant. I took it with me last night to Cassandra’s in case Maya was there as I really need to return it to her; Thanks Maya for letting me borrow it I promise I will get it back to you as soon as possible. After Starbucks I went across the street to Macy’s and walked around there for a while looking at everything from makeup to shoe and clothes. found a cute pair of shoes but not in my size which I guess is good as they were a little out of my price range (I am a budget girl) as I have to buy clothes for both my male and female side so I spend double what most of you spend on clothes. It is so fun to just brows and look at things and is a fun way to spend the morning. From here I went over to Ross Dress for less and again just browsed. I walked next door to Famous Foot Ware and tried on some shoes didn’t really see anything that said buy me so I walked on up to Old Navy. In all a fun time.

Just across the street was a Barns and Noble so drove over there and went in. I spent probably an hour in here looking at books and reading a little from a few of them. Really wasn’t looking for anything just wanted to be out for a little while longer and Barns & Noble is a great place to spend a little time. The whole day I had no problems and really no one even paid attention to me.

On my way home I found another Starbuck’s this one on Broadway and about 6 in Portland not too far from Lloyd Center. It is a smaller one but had a parking lot so I stopped for my final bit of time as Susan. It is a little quieter than the other one but the people working here were just as friendly. I have gone to probably a dozen different Starbucks and always been treated great. I would recommend them as a place to go if you want to get out. Well I guess this is all for today as I really do need to get home now.

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