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Stormy night at Starbuck’s

Well I made it out again to Starbuck’s; the weather today was really rainy and windy. Starbucks was pretty busy when I first got here. A man even held the door open for me as I came in. I think it is because of the weather but they had a couple open tables so I took the one towards the middle along the wall. I really enjoy my time here as I find it really relaxing and I seem to get more work done. I also get to people watch which is always fun. Both Katie and Shavonie are working tonight which is always fun as they always make me feel welcome.

I am looking forward to Friday night as I did not make it out last Friday because of work. I am not sure how many other t-girls will be out though as several of them are going up to Esprit in Port Angeles. I would have liked to go but just couldn’t get the whole weekend off. I know they will have a great time but with them gone (some of the main people from the group) I figure Friday night to be quiet. This may be good also because if there aren’t many out I can go home early and then maybe get up early Saturday morning and spend some Susan time out shopping and maybe even a movie. I haven’t gone to a movie for a while.

It is staying light way later now as the sun does not set till after 8:30 which also means on the nice day people in my neighborhood will be out later especially the kids which will make it harder to slip out of my house unnoticed. I really like the warm summer weather but this is an issue every year and now that I go out twice a week it will be that much harder. But I will still go out I will just have to find a way to limit my exposer. I know at some point I will be seen and then it will be out and strangely I am not that worried about it although I will try my best to keep this a secret as long as I can. I guess this is something all T-girls & crossdressers go through.

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